and renew a right spirit within me, 79

Blessed are the poor in spirit, claiming nothing as their own, 595

body, soul, and spirit, all we yield to you., 778

challenge us with quests of spirit, truth revealed in myriad ways, 132

Do not regard my sinful deeds. Send me the grace my spirit needs, 761

dressed no more in spirit somber, clothed instead in joy and wonder, 187

Father, Lord of ev'ry spirit, in your might, lead me right through my Savior's merit., 568

for he who surrendered his spirit is he who ascended to reign, 656

from each other far, but one in spirit, sound with one accord your praise., 400

From ev'ry idol I have known now set my spirit free, 747

Give your call, we gladly hear it; in your work our spirit sings, 622

God of wisdom, truth, and beauty, God of spirit, fire, and soul, 132

Grant us your spirit -- love for one another -- so in your peace may we our concord find., 671

He brings my wand'ring spirit back when I forsake his ways, 730

heal my wounded, broken spirit, save me by thy grace., 772

his strength shall bear your spirit up, and brace your heart, and nerve your arm., 758

How like a gentle spirit deep within, 459

how our spirit, soul and body do in God our Savior joy., 589

It makes the wounded spirit whole, and calms the troubled mind, 487

Jesus is purer; he makes our sorr’wing spirit sing, 470

let your word dispel the night, wake my spirit, clear my sight., 223

Long my imprisoned spirit lay fast bound in sin and nature's night., 773

May ev'ry heart receive his loving spirit and know the truth that makes life truly free, 671

My soul before you prostrate lies; to you, its Source, my spirit flies, 721

my spirit waits for you, O living Word., 502

Mystic spirit moving, flowing; filling height and depth and length, 132

O, set your light beside me, my spirit now renew, 268

one in heart and one in spirit, sign of hope for all the race., 635

One in spirit, one in life, one amid earth's frequent strife, 126, 525

Praise the God of mind and spirit, God of book and touch and prayer., 637

Take up your cross, let not its weight fill your weak spirit with alarm, 758

That spirit, soul, and body may reflect God's presence ev’ry day., 169, 174

then, in that spirit may we live united, and find in God our deep security., 671

till we in spirit see you face to face., 742

to heav'n aspires my spirit, to glow with nobler fire, 484

When the Lord appears, this my spirit cheers, 594

You alone are my strength, my shield; to you alone may my spirit yield, 28

Spirit God

Spirit God, our hope and our faith, 499

Spirit God, our need, our desire, 499

Spirit of Christ

Spirit of Christ, let that new life begin!, 491

Spirit of God

Move in our midst, O Spirit of God., 489

Spirit of God, burst forth in flame, 491

Spirit of God, now go with us still., 489

Spirit of God, O send us your pow'r!, 489

Spirit of God, on this great day inspire, 377

Spirit of God, still lead us today., 489

Spirit of God, unleashed on earth, 379

Spirit of God, who dwells within my heart, 224, 490

Spirit of God, your love makes us strong., 489

When the Spirit of God is within us, we will overcome., 549

Spirit of Light

Spirit of Light, shine on our stride, 491

Spirit of Love

Spirit of Love, transform our ways, 491


agents of his purpose, Spirit-Friend., 493

None can overcome our Spirit-Friend., 493

recreate and guide us, Spirit-Friend., 493

sets us free, is now our Spirit-Friend., 493

Spirit of God's people, Spirit-Friend., 493

Spirit of our Father, Spirit-Friend., 493

Spirit of our Jesu, Spirit-Friend., 493

to your remade world, our Spirit-Friend., 493

when we're walking with our Spirit-Friend., 493


The church of Christ, in ev'ry age beset by change, but Spirit-led, 694


and draw our spirits heav'nward in ceaseless praise:, 571

blessed Lord and only Savior, with your love our spirits fill., 731

Come, Spirit, come, our hearts control, our spirits long to be made whole., 590

for though we sit or stand in place our spirits soar and dance with grace., 520

Help, O bright angelic spirits, all your noblest anthems raise, 330

Let his love in us ignited more and more our spirits fill., 401

over our spirits bend on this, your holy day., 563

Refresh your thirsting people, Lord, and bid our drooping spirits live, 201

So to our God we sing praises, who all our spirits upraises, 316

speak salvation to our spirits as you promised in your word., 442

Though no Father seem to hear, though no light our spirits cheer, 352

When our spirits are deafened by the world's ceaseless din, 748

when with wrong our spirits bleed: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

where broken spirits are made whole, for God himself is here., 439

Your presence makes the feast; now let our spirits feel the glory, 198


by your pangs, to us unknown, by your spirit's parting groan, 744

My spirit's hungry craving you can forever still, 484

O Spirit Christ who is our spirit's home, 766


Water has touched us, fresh on our foreheads, showing an inward, spiritual grace., 408


from sin, division, hate and shame, from spite and enmity!, 781

Incline your ear to my distress in spite of my rebelling., 761


All splendid bright, your grandeur shows, great God, in Christ victorious!, 393

What splendid rays of truth and grace, all other light excelling!, 596


and ever shine in splendor reflected from your throne., 391

as now in risen splendor the King of glory reigns., 508

Christ in his splendor, all dominion gaining, 626

come into the daylight's splendor, there with joy your praises render., 588

he makes the sun in splendor rise, the God who cares for me., 466

Now all the heav'nly splendor breaks forth in starlight tender from myriad worlds unknown, 572

Of shining worlds in splendor through the skies, 139

pavilioned in splendor, and girded with praise., 566

pow'r and authority, splendor and dignity, 407

Praise the Lord, whose saving splendor shines into the darkest night, 298

so, most gracious Lord, may we evermore your splendor see., 190

the day when Christ in splendor comes, and we shall see his face., 257

The earth is the Lord's and its fulness, its mystery, splendor and wealth, 656

The Father's splendor clothes the Son with life., 366

the light of your splendor, your love's majesty., 457

The splendor of the noonday sun grows pale before its light., 810


Forgive our spoiling and abuse of them. Help us renew the face of the earth., 654


from Christ, who spoke as none e'er spoke, 713

The Lord Almighty spoke the word, the morning stars together sang, 504

the word he spoke through chaos broke, the worlds in order sprang., 504

What love through all his actions ran! What wondrous words of love he spoke!, 355


and while smiling, have spoken my name., 613

for the words which you have spoken, now we give you thanks, O Lord., 190, 229

Glorious things of you are spoken, Zion, city of our God, 522

God has spoken by Christ Jesus, Christ the everlasting Son, 507

God has spoken by his prophets, spoken his unchanging word, 507

My Lord of light who made the worlds, in wisdom you have spoken, 384

Praise the Lord! For he has spoken; worlds his mighty voice obeyed, 454

spoken by the Word incarnate, God of God, before time was, 507

that such sharp sentence should on you be spoken?, 351


My God will lead me to a spot where, all my cares and griefs forgot, 794

to thee, whose blood can cleanse each spot, O Lamb of God, I come, I come!, 762


by your blood, O Spotless Lamb, shed so willingly for me, 614

faithfully he bore it spotless to the last, 480

Finish, then, your new creation, pure and spotless, gracious Lord, 218

Finish, then, your new creation; pure and spotless let us be, 474

Like your spotless Master, you, filled with wisdom, love, and pow'r, 729

of the Lord and Savior’s spotless righteousness, 205

The holy, spotless Lamb of God, who freely gave his life and blood, 201

who wear the spotless raiment, (and/who) raise the ceaseless song, 107, 391

Yours I am, O spotless Lamb, I will suffer nought to hide you, nought I ask beside you., 722


Were they to take our house, goods, honor, child, or spouse, 788


earth and heaven sprang to being, all created things began., 699

See how the Church sprang up and quickly flowered! To God be endless praise!, 830

the word he spoke through chaos broke, the worlds in order sprang., 504


and over us the banner spread of everlasting love., 198

bear the witness to his greatness; spread the story of his glory, 631

Christ calls us now to spread the news that God new life does give., 481

Come, let us eat, for now the feast is spread., 423

each to each unite, endear; come, and spread your banner here, 672

for nothing there can fade or die; life’s fullness round is spread, 810

Go spread the news, he's not in the grave. He has arisen, the world to save., 357

go, spread your trophies at his feet, and crown him Lord of all!, 403

God who laid the earth's foundation, God who spread the heav'ns above, 463

here is the heav'nly table spread anew, 421

Let the mighty acts of God spread through all the world abroad: have mercy, Lord., 521

New scenes are spread before us, new vict'ries to be won, 309

ours to use for home and kindred, and to spread the gospel word., 652

Palm branches strew before him! Spread garments! Shout and sing!, 344

Praise God, who gives our daily bread and has again our table spread., 816

Rise, then, to spread abroad God's mighty word., 423

round you and beneath are spread the everlasting arms., 729

Savior, abide with us, and spread your table in our heart., 411

See, the feast of love is spread, drink the wine and break the bread --, 413

so soon we'll spread your great, good news, your ancient, timeless truth., 674

Spread abroad the victor's fame!, 406

Spread your love's broad banner o'er us; give us strength to serve and wait, 310

then, bound to all in bonds of love, our lives will spread your peace, 777

Through the long night watches, may your angels spread their bright wings, 567

to care for all, without reserve, and spread his liberating word., 694

to spread through all the earth abroad the honors of your name., 548

to spread your holy message from which all hope derives, 391

To us, to us, this task is giv'n: to spread God's word. Amen., 543

While life's dark maze I tread, and griefs around me spread, O, be my guide, 705

with tongues of fire they spread good news, 379

Your hand, in sight of all my foes, shall still my table spread, 730


spent in serving congregations, spreading joys and soothing tears!, 665


our discord spreads a deadly cloud that threatens all of life., 696

Thus the Kingdom spreads its branches, grows in all humanity., 684


and love, joy, hope, like flowers, spring in his path to birth, 263

Eternal Source, whence all did spring, almighty and all-glorious King, 279

Fair are the meadows, fair are the woodlands, robed in flow'rs of blooming spring, 470

In the cold and snow of winter there's a spring that waits to be, 797

it has no spring of action sure, it varies with the wind., 604

O Christ, our hope, our heart's desire, redemption's only spring, 374

spring thou up within my heart, rise to all eternity., 724

the spring of joy that shall incline our hearts to bear the cov’nant sign, 424

Thou the Spring of all my comfort, more than life to me, 772

to drink from this spring of salvation by grace, 616

when in the wilderness I find no spring, 755


From springing green of leaf and blade I learn his love for me., 466

The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart, a fountain ever springing!, 701

Zion hears the watchmen singing, and in her heart new joy is springing., 258


Simple innocence springs solely forth from Jesus' bleeding side, 715

The springs of salvation from Christ, the Rock, bursting, 616


as songtime and springtime and summertime to be, 599

Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest, 460

Take heart in the coming of springtime at last! Take heart in glad anticipation!, 393


nor have spurned him coldly, but will trust him boldly, 270, 273


drawing near a world that spurns him, off'ring peace from Calv'ry's hill., 697


and hope to serve yet spurs our slowing pace, 711


in foolishness have squandered your legacy of grace., 763


and, a child within a stable, came to share the life of earth --, 692

and his shelter was a stable, and his cradle was a stall, 292

Not in that poor lowly stable with the oxen standing by, 292


Day by day, at home, away, Jesus is my staff and stay., 723

for thou art with me, and thy rod and staff me comfort still, 720

How great the bliss to be a sheep of Jesus, and to be guided by his shepherd staff!, 593

Trusting his mild staff always, I go in and out in peace, 662


companions who join us to walk through each stage, 678

throughout our lives in ev'ry stage, from infancy to later age., 804

who shepherds us, at ev'ry stage, through youth, maturity, and age:, 803


and here by faith we see God's face, are cleansed from stain of sin., 439

comes to wash away all of sin's stain, comes to you that you might through him gain., 275

Slain to redeem us by his blood, to cleanse from ev'ry sinful stain, 469


washed in your blood, we lose our stains, and with your cross you break our chains., 333


Spirit of God, burst forth in flame, searing our conscience, staking your claim., 491


and his shelter was a stable, and his cradle was a stall, 292

low lies his head with the beasts of the stall, 317


a word to stand forever, which faith and light impart, 508

and cheerfully stand, prepared to comply with your ev'ry command., 608

Before the throne absolved we stand; your love has met your law’s demand., 78, 486

Beneath the cross of Jesus I long to take my stand, 329

Bonded in love, we are to stand, guided by the great command., 536

Built on the Rock, the church shall stand even when steeples are falling, 512

Church, unite for the right; let your foes behold your stand, 631

clothed in his righteousness alone, redeemed to stand before the throne., 771

Fear not, children, joyful stand on the borders of your land, 789

firm as a rock your truth must stand, when rolling years shall cease to move., 455

for brothers and sisters united by love stand firm o'er the earth far extended, 518

for though we sit or stand in place our spirits soar and dance with grace., 520

God, when I stand, no path before me clear, 755

I love your church, O God! Her walls before you stand, 513

I sink in life's alarms when by myself I stand, 604

I'll strengthen you, help you and cause you to stand, 709

Let all mortal flesh keep silence, and with fear and trembling stand, 184, 271

may God's love stand firm beneath you, welcome you with glad embrace!, 443

Now let us stand in Christ in ev’ry trial we meet, 668

On Christ the solid rock, I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, 771

out from the gloomy past till now we stand at last, 707

See the Lord, your keeper, stand omnipotently near., 729

shadowed beneath thy hand, may we forever stand, 707

stand beside us, ever guide us, Lord, be near us here., 542

Stand up, and bless his glorious name, henceforth, for evermore., 531

Stand up, and bless the Lord! The Lord, your God, adore!, 531

Stand up, and bless the Lord, you people of his choice!, 531

Stand up and bless the Lord your God, with heart and soul and voice., 531

Stand up, stand up for Jesus, as soldiers of the cross:, 752

Stand up, stand up for Jesus, stand in his strength alone, 752

Stand up, stand up for Jesus, the fight will not be long, 752

Stand up, stand up for Jesus, the trumpet call obey, 752

Still may we stand before your face, still hear and do your sovereign will, 31

The congregation stand amazed, their joy beyond expressing., 393

They stand, those halls of Zion, all jubilant with song, 814

this we subscribe with heart and hand, resolved through grace thereby to stand., 479

through their Redeemer’s might, more than conquerors they stand, 88

till all the ransomed number who stand before the throne, 391

till we safely stand in the promised land., 799

we tremble not, unmoved we stand; they cannot overpow’r us., 788

where Moses and Elijah stand, your messengers of old., 326

Yours is life that makes us stand firm for truth, all wrong defying, 363


Lift up your standard high! March on in firm array!, 786


standing firm for godly justice, bringing evil things to light., 635

Through the rise and fall of nations one sure faith yet standing fast, 507


A chosen one today replies, and fit and ready stands., 431

but now at God's right hand he stands and brings us life from heaven:, 367

for the grace of God is great as heav'n stands high above the earth!, 534

his comforts never fail me, he stands at my right hand, 769

Lord of our closing years, always your promise stands, 800

Rejoice, rejoice, God's will stands firm throughout all time and space., 260

There he stands already knocking; quickly, now, your gate unlocking, 588

We built a sanctuary sure; it stands on sacred sod, 439

what they longed for many a year, stands fulfilled in glory here., 261


And by the light of that same star, three wise men came from country far., 290

As a star, God's holy Word leads us to our King and Lord, 319

As with gladness men of old did the guiding star behold, 190

fairest star, near and far, Christ as God we now revere.323

Guided by the star, they found him whose praise the ages sound., 319

half-seen upon the inward eye, a falling star across the sky, 478

hail the star that from far bright with hope is burning., 289

he paints the wayside flower, he lights the evening star, 453

I looked to Jesus, and I found in him my Star, my Sun, 606

Lord of all being, throned afar, your glory flames from sun and star, 122, 159, 464

Lovely eastern star that tells us of God's morning, 322

manifested by the star to the sages from afar, 65, 313

nestling bird nor star in heaven such a refuge e'er was given., 667

Sages from the East afar, when they saw this wondrous star, 319

See where the clear star bendeth over the manger blessed, 284

seek the great Desire of nations; you have seen his natal star, 293

Star of the East, the horizon adorning, guide where our infant Redeemer is laid., 317

They looked up and saw a star shining in the east, beyond them far, 290

To seek for a king was their intent, and to follow the star wherever it went., 290

using as our guide the star so brightly beaming., 322

We too have a star to guide us that forever will provide us, 319

where the bright gleam of our bright star is cast., 707

where the golden star is shining, all its rays to earth inclining, 319


We all behold one vision, a stark reality:, 620


in the starkest manger bed the King of glory lay, 336


like moonlight and starlight and sunlight on the sea, 599

Now all the heav'nly splendor breaks forth in starlight tender from myriad worlds unknown, 572


And on through boundless starry space, God's matchless works expand., 451

God of all ages, whose almighty hand leads forth in beauty all the starry band, 139


above thy deep and dreamless sleep the silent stars go by., 282

Brightest and best of the stars of the morning, 317

Fair is the sunshine, fair is the moonlight, bright the sparkling stars on high, 470

God of the sparrow, God of the whale, God of the swirling stars, 26, 462

He frames the winter skies, his silver stars I see, 466

hill and vale, and tree and flow'r, sun and moon, and stars of light, 538

His law he enforces; the stars in their courses, 448

I see the stars, I hear the (mighty/rolling) thunder, thy power throughout the universe displayed, 44, 465

I who made the stars of night, I will make their darkness bright., 641

let sun and moon and stars and light and what lies hidden praise your might., 385

Mortals join the mighty chorus, which the morning stars began, 544

O morning stars, together proclaim the holy birth, 282

stars and angels sing around you, center of unbroken praise, 544

sun and moon, lift up your voice; night and stars, in God rejoice, 127

sun and moon, rejoice before him; praise him, all you stars and light, 454

sun, moon, and stars in their courses above, 460

The stars in the bright sky looked down where he lay, 301

There his children gather round, bright like stars, with glory crowned., 292

star's arising light

Her star's arising light has come!, 258


and makes clear the place where rebuilding can start., 678


The people all around them were startled and amazed, 378


and teach us how to share our bread and feed the starving multitude., 694

Two deaths now face the starving and the fed --, 766


a state of peace and justice where all with God are one., 260

Fling wide the door, unbar the gate; the King of glory comes in state, 272

My Lord, you wore no royal crown; you did not wield the pow’rs of state, 583

points out the wretched, ruined state of humankind, both small and great., 509

Then shall we in ev'ry state soul and body dedicate, 586


from pride of race and station and blindness to your way, 683

Jesus takes the highest station; O, what joy the sight affords!, 406


and in wisdom, stature, favor growing up from boy to man --, 692


pride of status, race or schooling, dogmas that obscure your plan., 685


Alleluia! Heav'nly High Priest, here on earth our help, our stay, 373

an ever present help and stay, our peace, and joy, and blessing., 15, 537

and stay by my cradle till morning is nigh., 301

and there it did both stop and stay, right over the place where Jesus lay., 290

As we ask that you stay with us, and we watch what you are doing, 798

Be near me, Lord Jesus! I ask you to stay, 301

Day by day, at home, away, Jesus is my staff and stay., 723

Go with them to face the morrow, stay with them in ev'ry strife., 429

he your stumbling steps shall stay, and shall not let you slide, 729

Here might I stay and sing, no story so divine:, 482

his eye to watch, his might to stay, his ear to hearken to my need, 237

I need thee ev'ry hour; stay thou near by, 740

in the darkness be our stay: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

Lord, be ever my protector; with me stay, all the day, 568

Our spirit's strength and stay who when all flesh is dust, 425

speed me ever, stay me never; Jesus, call thou me, 285

teach me the wayward feet to stay, and guide them in the homeward way., 735

teach us with you to mourn our sins, and close by you to stay., 341

The Lord's joy be our strength and stay in our employ from day to day, 734

Therefore I pray, while here I stay and look to him with yearning:, 596

when all supports are washed away, he then is all my hope and stay., 771

When I walk through the shades of death, your presence is my stay, 730

you came to make your dwelling in sinful hearts to stay., 484


All my trust on thee is stayed, all my help from thee I bring, 724

speak to calm the tossing sea, stayed in your tranquility., 223

who fashioned and made us, protected and stayed us, 448


be the hands of Jesus, serving in his stead., 582

Come as a servant; so he came, and we receive you in his stead, 432

Second Adam that he was, he took the first one's stead, 336

To avert from us God's wrath, Jesus suffered in our stead, 416

You have in our stead the curse endured, 82


let my soul look up with a steadfast hope and my will be lost in thine., 607

Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly pray: O, keep us steadfast till that day, 228

O God of mercy, hear us, in steadfast love draw near us, from age to age the same, 806

O perfect Life, be now their full assurance of tender charity and steadfast faith, 427

Straightway and steadfast until death you then obeyed God's call, 321

the quiet of a steadfast faith, calm of a call obeyed., 681

Thus may our lips your praises sound, our hearts in steadfast hope abound, 519

To represent your steadfast love as sister and as brother., 121

unto such as keep God's cov'nant and are steadfast in his way, 458


oversee her life steadfastly, yet not overlook her faults., 642


Lord of our middle years, giver of steadfastness, 800


It is a quiet, steady force pervading ev'ry place., 260

till converging they deliver one coherent steady flow, 664

yet with a steady beat, have not our weary feet, 707


Shadows of the evening steal across the sky., 567


Lord of our older years, steep though the road may be, 800


Built on the Rock, the church shall stand even when steeples are falling, 512


the armies of the ransomed saints throng up the steeps of light!, 394


branch of royal David's stem in your birth at Bethlehem, 65, 313

extol the stem of Jesse's rod, and crown him Lord of all!, 402, 403

quench our fevered thirst of pleasure; stem our selfish greed of gain, 648

that we, as on one stem growing, living branches are in thee., 196, 673

where soil receives, the earth conceives the blade, the stem, the fruit, the leaves., 501