Judas with the rabble came loudly calling out your name., 347


and daily from your death derive the needful strength to run our race., 204

bringing light and hope to ev'ry land and race., 708

by the Spirit blessed conceiving, bore the Savior of our race, 483

Christ’s living body, loving the whole human race., 514

Church of God, elect and glorious, holy nation, chosen race, 69, 526

down to earth descended, and our race befriended., 277

Embracing God's children of each tribe and race., 136

emptied himself of all but love, and bled for Adam's helpless race!, 773

Faith in action, ever, always, while on earth we run our race., 624

For God in Christ has made us one from ev'ry land and race, 781

For love excludes no race or clan that names the Savior's name, 785

from pride of race and nation, and blindness to your way, 142, 683

God made the world and at its birth ordained our human race, 696

his love embraces all his human race., 629

in which I dare approach that place, where God shall judge our human race., 776

It then reveals God's boundless grace, which justifies our sinful race, 509

Join hands, disciples of the faith, whate’er your race may be, 45, 523

Let ev'ry race and ev'ry language tell of him who saves our lives from death and hell, 623

Lord of all nations, grant me grace to love all people, ev'ry race, 686

May God's love be close beside you, and prepare you for life's race, 443

May I run the race before me, strong and brave to face the foe, 585

Neighbors are rich and poor, varied in color and race, 577

O, brighter than that glorious morn shall dawn upon our race, 257

O God of ev'ry nation, of ev'ry race and land, 142, 683

O seed of Israel's chosen race, now ransomed from the fall, 403

one in heart and one in spirit, sign of hope for all the race., 635

pride of status, race or schooling, dogmas that obscure your plan., 685

Redeeming God, your arms embrace all now despised for creed or race, 385

Through all our fretful claims of sex and race the universal love of God shines through, 459

When in you I end my race, weeping shall forever cease., 808

Where cross the crowded ways of life, where sound the cries of race and clan, 581

with unfailing grasp God holds us, ev'ry child of ev'ry race., 463

Word made flesh, whose birth among us hallows all our human race, 648

Your love, O Lord, our sinful race has not returned, but falsified, 339


all at peace in health and freedom, races joined, the church made one., 652

in all places, with all races, may that story of his glory be the hope of all the world., 631

may all races live together, share its riches, be at peace:, 140

the races and viewpoints our families exclude, 678

your name they all confess among earth's many races, 633


as your radiance through me pours all my homeward way to cheer., 614

send your radiance from above, let me know my Savior’s love., 223

we praise you for the radiance that from the scripture's page, 23, 505

you have shed your radiance on a world of sin., 778


fill me, radiancy divine; scatter all my unbelief, 475

what radiancy of glory, what bliss beyond compare!, 814


Bright and glorious is the sky, radiant are the heavens high, 319

radiant beams from your holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace, 297

refresh me with the radiant view of Jesus and his word!, 747

The radiant sun has vanished, its golden rays are banished from dark'ning skies of night, 572

until the radiant force of God fills mind and strength and breath., 801

where, joining with the choir immortal, we gather round your radiant throne., 258

Your most radiant, glorious light far exceeds the sun so bright, 323


and left the lonesome place of death, despite the rage of foes., 257

Let this world's tyrant rage; in battle we’ll engage!, 788

Target of the devil's rage, and by his own disowned, 336


Lord, when the tempest rages, I need not fear, 791


His oath, his covenant, his blood sustain me in the raging flood, 771

while the raging billows roll, while the tempest still is high, 724


clad in raiment shining bright, victor palms in ev’ry hand, 88

Ten thousand times ten thousand in sparkling raiment bright, 394

who wear the spotless raiment and raise the ceaseless song:, 391

who wear the spotless raiment, who raise the ceaseless song, 107


and sweetly distills in the dew and the rain., 566

I, the Lord of snow and rain, I have born my people's pain., 641

like meeting after parting, like sunshine after rain, 599

Tell of God's wondrous story. Now he comes as an evening's soft rain, 275

the breezes and the sunshine and soft refreshing rain., 453


God of the rainbow God of the cross God of the empty grave, 462

has come a rainbow, gladdening sight., 408


Alleluia!  Alleluia! Hearts to heav'n and voices raise, 93

and then in heav'nly glory my hallelujahs raise., 774

at the end of earthly strife raise us, Lord, to endless life: Alleluia!, 360

born to raise us from the earth, born to give us second birth., 295

by your all-sufficient merit raise us to your glorious throne., 262

Come, let us all with gladness raise a joyous song of thanks and praise, 519

O raise up still more, Savior God, in our day apostles to carry salvation, 518

Our heav’nly Father, source of love, to you our hearts we raise, 38

our hymns in glad thanksgiving in gratitude we raise, 774

raise the fallen, cheer the faint, heal the sick and lead the blind., 724

Raise your joys and triumphs high; Alleluia!, 359

Songs of thankfulness and praise, Jesus, Lord, to you we raise, 65, 313

the sick to heal, the lost to seek, to raise up them that fall, 348

to God your hearts and voices raise. Alleluia!, 369

while, still adoring, each new song we raise., 711

who wear the spotless raiment, who raise the ceaseless song, 107

with all who raise the song of praise or breathe the voice of prayer., 227

Yet at the grave shall we raise up our glad song, "Alleluia, alleluia!", 813


blessed my case, O truly blessed, when to heav'nly glory raised, 808

Christ being raised from the dead will never die again, 236

Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have fallen asleep., 236

the circles of nurture that raised us from birth, 678

The saints who died and now are raised delight in endless blessing:, 393

unto endless glory raised in your mansions shall be placed., 808

We know that Christ is raised and dies no more., 366


hearts and voices raising praises to our King., 778

Holy Spirit, ever raising those of earth to thrones on high, 495


To Bethlehem they ran to find him in the manger as angel heralds sang., 302


when suddenly a voice divine rang through the silence of the shrine., 609


Rank on rank the host of heaven spreads its vanguard on the way, 271


lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod, while we uphold your hands with prayer., 432

through all ranks of creatures, to the central height, 480

Up through endless ranks of angels, cries of triumph in his ears, 370


But now the bonds of death are burst, the ransom has been paid, 374

He paid the ransom and forgives the hourly follies of our lives., 72

His precious blood alone has been sufficient ransom for my sin., 776

Jesus, all our ransom paid, all your Father's will obeyed, 352

O come, O come, Immanuel, and ransom captive Israel, 274

to ransom them from sin the Savior came: Saranam, 756

who by his cross a ransom gave from all our sins., 425

You are the Way to God, your blood our ransom paid, 78, 486


blessed is our lot indeed in your ransomed congregation, 528

Christ, our risen Lamb indeed, Christ, your ransomed people feed, 360

come, ransomed souls, and glory give, sing, worship and adore:, 364

ever with the ransomed sing grateful praises to our King., 347

I with joy will see your face, freely ransomed by your grace., 261

In this ransomed congregation shall his death our theme remain, 560

Lord Jesus, 'mid your flock appear; your ransomed congregation bless, 311

Lord, lift up your countenance on your ransomed congregations, 528

'mid your ransomed people have obtained a place, 746

Ne'er cease to sing, O ransomed host, 94, 114, 543

O seed of Israel's chosen race, now ransomed from the fall, 403

On your ransomed congregation, Lord, lift up your countenance, 716

Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, evermore his praises sing., 529

so with the ransomed, we praise him eternally., 407

the armies of the ransomed saints throng up the steeps of light!, 394

The ransomed hosts in earth and heav'n through countless choirs proclaim, 364

then be his love in Christ proclaimed with all our ransomed pow'rs., 531

till all the ransomed number who stand before the throne, 391


he heals all our infirmities and ransoms us from death., 546


and with rapture raise songs of love and praise., 473

Eternal is the gift he brings, therefore our heart with rapture sings: “Christ has triumphed! He is living!”, 216

Lord, as round this feast we gather, fill our hearts with holy rapture!, 187

Perfect submission, perfect delight, visions of rapture now burst on my sight., 714


O then what raptured greetings on Canaan's happy shore, 17, 394


a child so gentle and so rare, who brings you joy without compare., 306

As they offered gifts most rare at that manger rude and bare, 190

The sages gave you gifts most rare; their finest treasure was your share., 279

Welcome to earth, O Child Divine; a gift so rare, a jewel fine, 299


from fear of rattling saber, from dread of war's increase, 683


from the swords of Herod's soldiers, ravaged homes and parents' cries --, 692


And where the gospel day sheds not its glorious ray, let there be light!, 380

at once there falls from God above a ray of purest pleasure., 188

Brighten all our heav'nward way with an ever holier ray, 352

in hope that sends a shining ray far down the future's broad'ning way, 735

so that its almighty and life-giving ray may brightly shine forth in each nation., 518

Your abundant, joyful ray -- we will follow in its way, 323


All your works with joy surround you, earth and heav'n reflect your rays, 544

The radiant sun has vanished, its golden rays are banished from dark'ning skies of night, 572

What splendid rays of truth and grace, all other light excelling!, 596

where the golden star is shining, all its rays to earth inclining, 319


And wing my words that they may reach the hidden depths of many a heart., 646

As we reach for you believing, and we go to love and serve you, 798

Fill us now, this very hour; help us reach your kingdom’s goal, 622

Good news! Our Christ has come! His arms reach out and plead, 630

grace to reach the home on high: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

Help us reach out with loving hands in times that try the soul, 524

How can your pardon reach and bless the unforgiving heart, 777

in the path you have appointed, till we reach your dwelling-place., 716

In your arms I rest me; foes who would molest me cannot reach me here, 722

may I reach heaven's joys, O bright heav'n's Sun!, 719

prayer the sublimest strains that reach the Majesty on high., 749

there are heights of joy that I may not reach 'til I rest in peace with thee., 607


For you teach us God’s own love through you has reached us., 189


God of holding, God of reaching; God of pow’r beyond each throne, 132

The seed of Christ's teaching, receptive souls reaching, 136

The seed of his teaching, receptive souls reaching, 194

healing, teaching, seeking, reaching; you loved us on earth., 542


that as we read and ponder one voice alone is heard, 508

that I may read with childlike eyes truths that are hidden from the wise., 609


A chosen one today replies, and fit and ready stands., 431

God, grant me strength to do with ready heart and willing, 615

his wrath is ever slow to rise and ready to abate., 546

I'm ready, Lord, so ready, Lord, to follow till I fall., 601

may we, to meet thee without fear, at all times ready be, 8

Ready, Lord, I'm ready, Lord, to follow where you lead., 601

ready to go, ready your fulness to know, ready to serve by your Spirit!, 639

Then should we be ever ready cheerfully to testify, 589

they're ready, Lord, so ready, Lord, to go and do your will., 601

willing and ready, Christ's living body, loving the whole human race., 514


I hear the real, though far off hymn that hails a new creation., 701


We all behold one vision, a stark reality: the author of salvation was nailed upon a tree., 620


Were the whole realm of nature mine, that were an off’ring far too small, 80, 350


Admitted to the realms above, I then shall see the Christ I love, 768

Angels from the realms of glory, wing your flight o'er all the earth, 293

as the Light of light descending from the realms of endless day, 271

glorious and complete salvation in the realms of bliss above., 556

Holy Spirit, ever dwelling in the holiest realms of light, 495

Jesus came, adored by angels, came with peace from realms on high, 55

People and realms of ev'ry tongue dwell on his love with sweetest song, 404

Realms of heaven he forsook, alleluia!, 303

that, when our life of faith is done, in realms of clearer light, 713

until in realms of endless light your praises shall unite., 94, 114, 543


on needy souls to sow in tears, with hope to reap in joy., 399


with joy, as when the reapers bear their harvest treasures home., 320


For the plowing, sowing, reaping, silent growth while we are sleeping, 449


Reascends his native heav'n. Alleluia!, 371


its bounty, fertility, kindness, its beauty, its reason, its health, 656


O speak to reassure me, to hasten or control, 603


to check the rising doubt, the rebel sigh, 490


Incline your ear to my distress in spite of my rebelling., 761


ah, how he does weep and groan our rebellion to atone., 346


give your blessed word rebirth, "Peace, good will to all on earth.", 276


Dying, we live, and are reborn through death's dark night to endless day:, 693

Reborn we share with him an Easter life, 366


and makes clear the place where rebuilding can start., 678


rebuke them for their error; inspire with hope and fervor, 631


a need that, undiminished, rebukes our slothful ease, 634


Great Creator, life-bestower, truth beyond all thought's recall, 642

in awe and wonder to recall his life laid down for me., 222, 415

let ev'ry one with joy recall how Jesus died and rose for all. Alleluia!, 365

Let us recall that in our midst, dwells Christ, God's holy Son, 785

pause in wonder to recall Jesus' incarnation., 300


Keep me from saying words that later need recalling, 615


for the Lord who framed our being well recalls that we are dust!, 534


strongly recapture thoughts of resurrection., 812


A servant leader, truthful friend, we gladly will receive, 431

All people of each time and place receive the promise of God's grace., 134

all that you are we here receive, and all we are to you we give., 228

be grateful and receive God's blessing; and believe, 452

as your children we receive you and rejoice., 420

Come, Almighty to deliver, let us all your life receive, 218, 474

Come as a servant; so he came, and we receive you in his stead, 432

for in our giving we receive, and in forgiving are forgiv'n., 693

from your all-bounteous hand our food may we receive with gratitude., 816

Great God, in Christ you call our name and then receive us as your own, 579

he will then receive us, heal us, and forgive us., 270, 273

Here, in this day's dedication, all we have to give, receive, 564

humbly now, I bow before you, love incarnate, I adore you; worthily let me receive you, 588

in this world as Christ's sojourners we receive new pow'r, new birth., 627

Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her king, 294

Lord Jesus, yours we wish to be; our sacrifice receive, 39

May ev'ry heart receive his loving spirit and know the truth that makes life truly free, 671

May we your bounties thus as stewards true receive, 657

may, through the Shepherd's grace, each needy sheep receive., 593

"My body broken for your sin receive and eat as living food.", 355

My humble off'rings now receive, and through your grace, Lord, let me live, 279

safe into the haven guide; O receive my soul at last, 724

receive us in your mercy, and cheer us with your word, 13

Teach us to love in truth, to give and to receive, 801

Just as I am; thou wilt receive, wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, 762

till we, too, the prize receive and with them in glory live., 108

we in you our refuge take, of your fullness we receive, 86

we now receive the grace sent down, which makes us share his cross and crown., 700

within this holy sacrament may we new life, new strength receive., 225

worship him with consecration, grace and love will you receive, 37

yet I arise and seek my Father’s house. Receive me, receive me, Lord!, 759

You have promised to receive us, poor and sinful though we be, 731


As you received their praises, accept the prayers we bring, 342

Let all who have received Christ now live life in the Lord, 434

We have received Christ Jesus, the Lord who sets us free, 434


filled with his Spirit, love and power receiving, 626


The seed of Christ's teaching, receptive souls reaching, 136

The seed of his teaching, receptive souls reaching, 194


Burn up the clutter, brand us apart; warm ev'ry recess of my cold heart., 491


Your bountiful care what tongue can recite?, 566


Forgive our reckless plundering and waste., 654


the newborn souls, whose days, reclaimed from error's ways, 640


healing, teaching, and reclaiming, serving you by loving all., 652


angels adore him in slumber reclining, Maker and Monarch and Savior of all., 317


reclothe us in our rightful mind; in purer lives thy service find, in deeper rev’rence, praise., 739


Her calling now we recognize with prayer and loving hands., 431


from famished souls, from sorrow's stress your heart has never known recoil., 581


To lift, to save, to reconcile, to grant essential worth!, 138

To reconcile and set us free from endless woe and misery., 73


Father, now your sinful child through your love is reconciled., 779

has reconciled us through the Son, and met us all with grace., 781

Justice with mercy's reconciled, He lives who once was dead., 92

Most loving Jesus, only child of God, your bloodshed reconciled, 776

now justice, mercy reconciled, He lives who once was dead., 356

Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled!", 295

opened is the gate of heaven; we are reconciled to God, 330


This purifies the guilty breast, and reconciles to God., 768


free reconciliation and hope amid despair., 620


By your reconciling love ev'ry stumbling-block remove, 672


teach us, deflect us, Christ reconnect us, 655


for you we long, yet you we fear, O known, and yet beyond record., 738

meet at my table and record the full obedience of the Lord.", 355

We are not able to record the countless favors we have known, 311


Our conflicts and our fears, our triumphs and our tears are recorded by the right hand of God., 690


recreate and guide us, Spirit-Friend., 493


the water redd'ning into wine proclaims the present Lord., 312