a state of peace and justice where all with God are one., 260

a story of truth and mercy, a story of peace and light, 621

a world that was created for a harmony of peace., 696

All ages join the chorus proclaiming joy and peace., 435

all at peace in health and freedom, races joined, the church made one., 652

All glory be to God on high, and peace on earth from heaven, 472

"All glory be to God on high, and to the earth be peace, 296

all who cry for peace and justice, all who curse and all who bless:, 697

and his peace on you bestow, 446

an everpresent help and stay, our peace, and joy, and blessing., 15, 537

and bade its angry tumult cease and gave for wild confusion peace:, 725

and grant us, Lord, in this our day, the ancient dream of peace:, 691

and hear your gentle voice anew say, "Peace be unto you.", 399

and holiness shall whisper the sweet amen of peace, 753

and I shall find my peace, my All in All!, 199, 502

and Jesus call us to heaven's perfect peace., 710

and let our ordered lives confess the beauty of thy peace., 739

and life's long warfare closed at last, your soul is found in peace., 811

and peace to Godís people on earth., 233

and praises sing to God the King, and peace to men on earth., 282

and said, "My peace be with you here." Alleluia!, 369

and upon the earth be peace and love to all., 322

As your coming was in peace, quiet, full of gentleness, 261

asking pardon for our sins, peace and comfort from above., 741

Be God's the glory that we seek; be his our only peace, 785

before him on the mountains shall Peace, the herald, go, 263

bid envy, strife and quarrels cease; fill the whole world with heavenís peace, 274

Blessed are the brave and peaceful, bringing peace where'er they live, 595

Bring to our world of strife your sov'reign word of peace, 681

but of his love and peace the token, seen as a dove, the Spirit came., 315

But we are vain and sadly proud, we sow not peace but strife, 696

By this pledge that you do love us, by your gift ofpeace restored, 229

By this promise that you love us, by your gift of peace restored, 190

Called by Christ as friends and learners, called by Christ for peace on earth, 627

Christ claims the side of those who've lost their rights and peace., 630

Christ, heal the scars, and draw us all together in him whose will is peace and joy and rest., 671

Christ is the world's peace, Christ and none other, 562

Come as a messenger of peace, filled with the Spirit, fired with love, 432

Come, O Christ, and reign among us, King of love and Prince of peace, 648

"Comfort, comfort now my people; tell of peace!Ē, 264

drawing near a world that spurns him, off'ring peace from Calv'ry's hill., 697

each day the Spirit says to me, "Go forth in peace!", 598

Faith in the conscience works for peace, and bids the mourner's weeping cease, 700

Father, grant us, grant us your peace, 597

filling all our lives with love and joy and peace., 708

For the peace to go on we must make it our song: you and I be the singers., 580

for when your hand is guiding, in peace I go., 791

from the pain of earlier living; set us free and grant us peace, 398

Go now in peace, go now in peace, 822

God shall own them as his children and through them his peace will give., 595

God, teach us peacemaking in ev'ry role. In each relationship make peace our goal., 687

Grace and peace from God, our blessed Savior, be with all who love his name, 444

grant joy and peace; their marriage bless with gladness from above, 430

grant them the peace which calms all earthly strife, 427

Grant to us your peace, 9, 11

grant us pardon, grant us peace, till our earthly wand'rings cease., 375

Grant us your spirit -- love for one another -- so in your peace may we our concord find., 671

Grant your peace to rest upon us; let our prayers to you be heard, 442

He came singing peace and he lived singing peace, 580

he comes as Savior, peace to win, and he will cleanse you from all sin.", 306

heav'nly voices hailed Christ's birth, "Peace, good will to all on earth.", 276

here is my robe, my refuge, and my peace, 421

His rule is peace and freedom and justice, truth, and love., 344

Holy Spirit, peace divine, still this restless heart of mine, 223

honor, peace, and love retreating, seek the Lord, who is your life., 697

hope and health, good will and comfort, counsel, aid, and peace we give, 688

how does the creature say love how does the creature say peace, 30, 462

I do not know what may befall of grief or gladness, peace or pain, 727

if, when you called to fight, I sought for peace, 759

in Christ baptized, beloved, befriended, children of God in peace and love., 315

in peace and blessed union our moments to spend, 675

in peace that only you can give; with you, O Master, let me live, 735

incline your ear to us, and grant us your peace. Amen, 825

into new deeds of truth, not lies; teach us love, peace, 497

I've got peace like a river in my soul, 592

Jesus came, adored by angels, came with peace from realms on high, 55

Jesus, grant to us your peace and favor, 444

joy and peace in his salvation, heav'nly bliss and consolation., 594

just is our God, whose truth victorious establishes the world in peace., 545

let peace, descending like a dove, make known on earth your healing love., 385

Like calm in place of clamor, like peace that follows pain, 599

Lord, angels sang, proclaimed your birth: "Goodwill to all, and peace on earth!", 279

Lord, bless our homes with peace and love and laughter, with understanding and with loyalty., 671

Lord, dismiss us with your blessing; fill our hearts with joy and peace, 559

Lord, make us servants of your peace to wake at last in heaven's light., 693

Lord, make us servants of your peace; where there is hate, may we sow love, 693

Love, and joy, and peace, and patience, kindness, caring, self-control, 496

loving Father, grant us your peace., 597

May all races live together, share its riches, be at peace:, 140

may I find therein salvation, happiness, and peace with God, 202

May peace with God and neighbor be, before I sleep, restored to me., 569

May the peace of God my Father rule my life in ev'rything, 585

my peace I leave with you." Amen., 512

needed space to replenish, needed peace to renew, 748

no other voice but thine can peace afford., 740

Now the silence, now the peace, 414

O Christ, who by a cross made peace your sign, 766

O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, 743

of peace shared by all you have made from one blood., 678

our clearest purpose is to share love, joy, and peace., 598

Out of deep distress we call. Help us, Lord; send peace again, 760

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth, 460

Peace be to this congregation, 556

peace beyond all understanding, joy into all life expanding:, 588

peace divine that lasts forever, 556

Peace is there that knows no measure, joys that through all time abide, 76

Peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled!", 295

peace on the earth! Good will to men!, 284

"Peace on the earth, good will to men, from heav'n's all-gracious King!", 286

Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?, 710

peace that speaks its heav'nly Giver, 556

peace, the seal of cancelled sin, 556

peace, to earthly minds unknown, 556

peace to ev'ry soul therein, 556

peace, which flows from Christ's salvation, 556

Please the Lord in ev'rything you do, and his peace most sincerely pursue., 275

Praying, let us work for peace, singing, share our joy with all., 708

proclaims free pardon, grace, and peace, 161

Publish glad tidings, tidings of peace, 618

regeneration that peace will complete., 655

Rest in peace, earth's journey ended, you whom Christ redeemed, defended:, 809

Say: ďMy peace I leave with you.Ē, 207

Share peace, dear friends, share peace, dear friends, God's peace, God's peace., 676

she waits the consummation of peace forevermore, 511

Sing alleluia, Christ does live, and peace on earth restore, 364

sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace., 297

Spirit, breathed on the disciples, giving peace where there was fear:, 223

Stretch out your hand in blessing, in pardon and in peace., 763

take up each anxious burden and bless each soul with peace., 268

Tell them that their war is over; God will reign in peace forever, 264

that, redeemed from war and hatred, all may come and go in peace., 685

The blood of Jesus whispers peace within., 710

The God of peace you sanctify and bless you richly from on high, 169, 174

The Lord is here!He comes in peace with blessings from above, 227

The Lord, who left the sky our life and peace to bring, 584

The mountains and hills shall break forth into song, the peoples be led forth in peace, 682

The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart, a fountain ever springing!, 701

The peace that he gives none can equal, 549

The peace which God alone reveals and by his word of grace imparts, 33

the pow'r of Satan breaking, our peace eternal making., 287

The righteous King is bringing peace, 272

The sounds of peace and justice not deferred., 153

the weapons of our warfare spent, a world of peace remade, 691

The word of God, which ne'er shall cease, proclaims free pardon, grace, and peace, 509

then, bound to all in bonds of love, our lives will spread your peace, 777

there are heights of joy that I may not reach 'til I rest in peace with thee., 607

"There is no way to peace; peace is the way.", 766

These days of adventure when all people wait are days for the advent of Peace., 266

They walked with God in peace and love but failed with one another, 396

Those who love the Father, though the storms may gather, still have peace within, 722

'til peace in each home bears and nurtures the bud, 678

'tis music in the sinner's ears, 'tis life, and health, and peace., 548

to feed the hungry, quench their thirst, make love and peace our fast, 696

to take and treasure most these three: love, joy and peace., 598

to teach the way of life and peace -- it is a Christlike thing., 657

Trusting his mild staff always, I go in and out in peace, 662

we can pause in the turmoil seeking peace deep within, 748

We covenant in church and home this peace to show each other, 121

We go in peace, but made aware that, in a needy world like this, 598

we may with you forever live, in love and unity and peace., 339

we promise peace while yet we strive to win, 766

We speak of peace when in our hearts we war, 766

when hatred and division give way to love and peace, 142, 683

When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, 754

when we learn how to make peace instead of war, 689

where peace with God, and peace on earth, and peace eternal reign., 691

While your ministers proclaim peace and pardon in your name, 553

who gives your peace in water, bread and wine:, 766

with a peace the world can't give you, neither shall it take away!, 443

with ever joyful hearts and blessed peace to cheer us, 533

with the pow'r to love and witness, with the peace beyond compare:, 498

Yet your sinless death has brought us life eternal, peace and rest, 331

You, the peace that passes knowledge, dwelling in the daily strife, 576

your peace in our hearts, Lord, at the end of the day., 802

Yours the thirst for peace and for justice, 499

Peace of the world

that Jesus, the Peace of the world, is our song., 304


and comforts us against a peaceful breast., 459

as peaceful as a dove and yet as urgent as a flame., 321

Blessed are the brave and peaceful, bringing peace where'er they live, 595

Hark! The songs of peaceful Zion thunder like a mighty flood., 373

(peaceful, resisting, waiting, or risking), 514

Still through the cloven skies they come, with peaceful wings unfurled, 286


Peacemakers!Blessed by Christ's inviting word, 153


God, teach us peacemaking in church and home, in school and hall beneath Capitol dome, 687

God, teach us peacemaking in ev'ry role. In each relationship make peace our goal., 687

God, teach us peacemaking unto the end -- parent or child, or as stranger or friend --, 687

God, teach us peacemaking, justice and love. Blessed by Christ's teaching, we're lifted above, 687


Jesus, on the mountain peak stands alone in glory blazing., 325


peal out the praise of grace abounding, calling the whole world to rejoice., 545


Of one pearl each shining portal, where, joining with the choir immortal, 258

through gates of pearl streams in the countless host, 390


gems of the mountain and pearls of the ocean, 317

like the merchant, fine pearls seeking, searches, yearning for the best, 702


So bring him incense, gold, and myrrh; come, peasant, king to own him, 305


Look, look, my heart, and let me peek. Whom in the manger do you seek?, 307


Praise the peerless grace of God for his promise to us, 300


And through these days of penitence, and through your Passiontide, 341

Greet now the swiftly changing year with joy and penitence sincere., 308

These are my prayers, and this my penitence, 759


as on the day of Pentecost, descend with all your pow'r., 376

come unite, renew your wonders; give us a new Pentecost, 223

On Pentecost they gathered quite early in the day, 378

on Pentecost with tongues of flame, 225


Hail this joyful day's return, hail the Pentecostal morn, 375

our souls, we pray, with pentecostal fire., 377


a people deeply rooted in Jesus' love and life., 434

All people, join us and sing out God's praise., 540

All people of each time and place, 134

All people that on earth do dwell, sing to the Lord with cheerful voice, 539

All your people are forgiven through the virtue of your blood, 330

Alleluia! Bless your people; by your Spirit give them sight, 637

and as his people in the world, we'll live and speak his praise., 230, 415

and God's goodwill unfailingly be to his people given., 472

and, in time, rejected by the people whom God chose, 336

and joins God's holy people in new community., 503

and on this cross you died for us to set your people free, 374

and peace to Godís people on earth., 233

as God's own people let us be a living alleluia!, 434

be the people Christ intends, 526

Born your people to deliver, born a child and yet a king, 262

but people scorned and none the longed-for Christ would know., 482

by your praying, by your willing that your people shall be one, 648

called a people in Christ Jesus, led them on through joy and woe., 637

called as God's own special people, 69, 526

Christ, our risen Lamb indeed, Christ, your ransomed people feed, 360

Christ with his people evermore remaining, 626

come among Godís gathered people, giving harmony and life., 223

Come, then, Lord, and help your people, bought with the price of your own blood, 235

come to the place for which our people sighed?, 707

come with all his people, come, raise the song of harvest-home., 450

Come, you thankful people, come, raise the song of harvest-home, 450

"Comfort, comfort now my people, 264

From ev'ry nation, you call your people, 535

gather all your people in, free from sorrow, free from sin, 450

give to those who lead your people fresh anointing of your grace, 642

give to your people for the day's affliction your benediction., 812

God grants his people true blessing., 512

God is here! As we your people meet to offer praise and prayer, 564

God of grace and God of glory, on your people pour your power, 751

God's own love is reigning o'er us, joining people hand in hand., 544

God's people, see him coming: your own eternal King!, 344

graciously caring for his chosen people, 383

Hail, Christ the Lord! Your people pray: come quickly, King of Kings., 257

He inhabits the praise of his people, and dwells deep within., 549

his risen life avails for all earth's people --, 629

I, the Lord of sea and sky,I have heard my people cry., 641

I will go, Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart., 641

In these Caribbean lands, let his people all join hands, 690

Let the amen sound from his people again. Gladly forever adore him!, 530

look upon your people whom you by your blood, 205

Lord, nothing from your arms of love shall your own people sever., 147

Lord of all nations, grant me grace to love all people, ev'ry race, 686

Lord, to you your people bend; unto us your Spirit send, 375

'mid your ransomed people have obtained a place, 746

Now we are God's people, bonded by his presence, 493

On this, our festive day, your people here adore you, 633

Once you were an alien people, 526

our prayer attend. Come and your people bless and give your word success, 555

People and realms of ev'ry tongue dwell on his love with sweetest song, 404

People in darkness are looking for light, come, come, come Jesus Christ, 266

Praise him for his grace and favor to his people in distress., 529

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, let the people rejoice!, 550

"Proclaim salvation's worth to people under heaven.", 633

Proclaim to ev'ry people, tongue, and nation, 618

Refresh your people on their toilsome way, 139

Refresh your thirsting people, Lord, and bid our drooping spirits live, 201

Save your people, Lord, and bless your inheritance., 234

so people of all nations glad songs of joy shall raise., 378

Spirit of God's people, Spirit-Friend., 493

Stand up, and bless the Lord, you people of his choice!, 531

takes on himself the servantís form, to set his people free., 185

The church is the Lord's, and its people the Body of Christ, who impart, 656

The people all around them were startled and amazed, 378

the people of God from his dwelling take leave., 194

The people of the Hebrews with palms before you went, 342

The people who in darkness walked have seen a glorious light, 320

the pilgrimage our parents made to keep our people strong --, 395

'tis his love his people raises in his courts to reign as kings, 522

To God's people now proclaim that God's pardon waits for them!, 264

to serve all people lovingly. Alleluia!, 434

True God and yet true man, he came to save his people from earth's dark night of sin., 302

We are called to be Godís people, showing by our lives his grace, 635

We are your people, Spirit of grace, 514

When John baptized by Jordan's river in faith and hope the people came, 315

when wisdom and justice shall reign in the land and your people shall go forth in joy., 682

Your blessed people, trusting in your merit, on the earth's extended face, 400

Your people despoil all the sweetness of earth, 682

Your people, Lord, have dwelt secure, 147

Your people still have known your grace and your blessed consolation., 147

people of God

Sing with all the people of God, 238

whose blood set us free to be people of God., 238


in tongues of many peoples and signed without a sound., 503

O come, Desire of Nations, bind all peoples in one heart and mind, 274

The mountains and hills shall break forth into song, the peoples be led forth in peace, 682

that all of the world's great peoples might come to the truth of God, 621

people's pain

I, the Lord of snow and rain, I have born my people's pain., 641


All good and perfect gifts come to us from your hand., 801

and Jesus call us to heaven's perfect peace., 710

and perfect love and friendship reign through all eternity., 680

And sing in perfect harmony to God our Savior's praise, 94, 114, 543

but live with you the perfect life of your eternity., 494

by your suff'rings perfect made: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

filled it with the glory of that perfect rest., 480

He holds us in his perfect might, 718

holy, pure, and perfect now, both now and evermore., 729

How shall the young direct their way? What light shall be their perfect guide?, 510

in all my work your presence find and prove your good and perfect will., 638

in us, through us, then forever, shall your perfect will be done, 98

more and more yourself display, shining to the perfect day!, 475

O perfect Life, be now their full assurance, 427

O perfect Love, all human thought transcending, 427

O perfect redemption, the purchase of blood, 550

O teach us all your perfect will to understand and to fulfill:, 734

Our gracious God sent the Savior, who, showing perfect behavior, 316

Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin?, 710

perfect in pow'r, in love, and purity., 381

Perfect submission, all is at rest, I in my Savior am happy and blessed, 714

Perfect submission, perfect delight, visions of rapture now burst on my sight., 714

pray, and praise you without ceasing, glory in your perfect love., 474

salvation shows in Christ alone, the perfect will of God makes known., 509

so my word goes forth with power to perfect my gracious will.", 780

that, likewise in God's service, we may perfect freedom find., 321

that we may rise to know your love and prove your perfect will., 570

the perfect will of God makes known., 161

till we pass to perfect day: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

what glory shall be theirs above who joy in God with perfect love., 327

while his aged saints adore him ere in perfect faith they die., 314

who is perfect, three in one, and unites us in the Son: have mercy, Lord., 521

who upon the cross, forsaken, worked your mercy's perfect deed:, 688

with luster shining more and more unto the perfect day., 376

without whom nothing is, all perfect gifts bestowing, 615

would bear one perfect flow'r here in the cold of winter and darkest midnight hour., 302

your perfect love embraces till only love remains., 268


Here we gather to remember love perfected, love denied, 557

when we, perfected in love, once shall join the church above., 77, 346

Who in heav'n are perfected, through great tribulation led., 108


Pressing on towards perfection, 809


let us see your great salvation perfectly in you restored., 218

let us see your great salvation perfectly restored and free., 474


with your love my heart now fill; prompt me to perform your will, 744


his name like sweet perfume shall rise with ev'ry morning sacrifice., 404


May we in your sorrows share, for your sake all peril dare, 352

O hear us when we cry to thee for those in peril on the sea., 725


despite the perils of our chosen way., 459


one life should perish, lost in shades of night., 618


Now, though daily earthís deep sadness may perplex us and distress us, 188


and keep us in his grace, and guide us when perplexed, 533


through darkness and perplexity point out your chosen way., 764


courage that perseveres when there is small success:, 800


and tongues of fire aglowing inspired each person there., 378

so God smiles on ev'ry person, so God takes such keen delight, 659


God in three persons, blessed Trinity, 133, 381


I fully am persuaded and joyfully declare, 769


It is a quiet, steady force pervading ev'ry place., 260


to serve, instead of being served; to pay for our perversity, 583


and as you that vigil kept, Peter, James, and John all slept., 347

If you cannot preach like Peter, if you cannot pray like Paul, 500

O Simon Peter, Andrew, James, and John -- beloved one, 611


Technology, learning, philosophy, youth, 128


Put on the gospel armor, each piece put on with prayer, 752


pierce the self-pity of my shadowed sky., 755

Visit, then, this soul of mine, pierce the gloom of sin and grief, 475


and light pierced the darkness and rhythm began, 382

"My pierced side, O Thomas, see, and look upon my hands, my feet, 369

those who jeered and mocked and sold you, pierced and nailed you to the tree, 259

who has washed us in the tide flowing from his pierced side, Alleluia!, 216


suffered under Pontius Pilate, he descended to the dead., 699


But we, O Lord, still need you, our pilgrim feet to stay, 13

grant me henceforth, dear Savior, through all my pilgrim years, 795

Guide me, O my great Redeemer, pilgrim through this barren land., 790

Lord, as a pilgrim through life I go, 796

Rejoice, O pilgrim throng! Rejoice, give thanks and sing:, 786

Savior, when your love shall call us from our struggling pilgrim way, 559

Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless your chosen pilgrim flock, 411

Then grant us courage, Father God, to choose again the pilgrim way, 221


the pilgrimage our parents made to keep our people strong --, 395


as it is for pilgrims fit, as disciples ought to do., 206

As pilgrims through the darkness wend till dawns the golden day., 786

O teach your trav'ling pilgrims by this their path to trace, 505

the pilgrims find their home at last, Jerusalem the blessed., 786

We are trav'ling home to God in the way the pilgrims trod, 789

We pilgrims join in song proclaiming faith so bold:, 436


a pillar of fire shining forth in the night, 448

let the fire and cloudy pillar lead me all my journey through., 790


sky the roof and earth the pillow for the Prince of glory's head --, 692


lovers and pioneers when all the world seems ours:, 800


fill us with your love and pity, heal our wrongs, and help our need., 648

Jesus, Son of God, willsave you, full of pity, love, and powír, 765

let the world deride or pity, I will glory in your name., 522

like the pity of a father has the Lord's compassion been., 458

who knew their frames, that they were dust, with pity healed their weakness., 396


Jesus, pitying the sighs of the thief, who near you dies, 352