and hope to serve yet spurs our slowing pace, 711


dona nobis pacem., 597


When we lift our pack and go, 793


beyond the sacred page I seek you, Lord, 502

we praise you for the radiance that from the scripture's page, 23, 505


brightly from its sacred pages shall this light throughout the ages, 319


But now the bonds of death are burst, the ransom has been paid, 374

He paid the ransom, and forgives, 72

Now our whole debt is fully paid, 364

Jesus, all our ransom paid, all your Father's will obeyed, 352

You are the Way to God, your blood our ransom paid, 78, 486

your suff'rings, O what love unbounded for guilty ones the debt have paid!, 340


Abide with us, that through this life of doubts and hope and pain, 341

And then one day I'll cross the river, I'll fight life's final war with pain, 706

and to your watchful care commend all those in grief or pain., 570

Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure, by the cross are sanctified, 76

Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain, 757

bow your meek head to mortal pain, then take, O God, your power and reign!, 343

but felt our pain and shared each day with those you came to seek and save., 583

By pain and sorrow undeterred, I shall proceed in gladness:, 393

By your patient years of toiling, by your silent hours of pain, 648

Could smile on poverty and pain, and triumph e'en in death., 106

Died he for me, who caused his pain -- for me, who caused his bitter death?, 773

From sorrow, toil, and pain, and sin we shall be free, 680

from the pain of earlier living, 398

Give heed, O saints of God! Creation cries in pain, 628

Grief and pain ended, and sighing no longer, 813

have overlooked some needy neighbor's pain, 759

He wants for all a life that's free of want and pain., 630

He who bore all pain and loss comfortless upon the cross, 360

healing pain and sickness, blessing children small, 578

I do not know what may befall of grief or gladness, peace or pain, 727

I from pain and sorrow free in your presence safe shall be., 808

I, the Lord of snow and rain, I have borne my people's pain., 641

in Christ their pain is ended, in Christ, death's sting is done, 389

In heav'n above, in heav'n above, no tears of pain are shed, 810

Jesus, in your thirst and pain, while your wounds your lifeblood drain, 352

joy in our hearts is abiding, suff'ring and pain are subsiding., 316

Let your heart be broken by another's pain, 582

Like calm in place of clamor, like peace that follows pain, 599

Lord, we cry to you for help. Only you can heal our pain., 760

mine, mine was the transgression, but yours the deadly pain., 345

Now heal our anger, hurt and pain, 674

O Lord, once lifted on the tree of pain, 623

O Master, from the mountain side make haste to heal these hearts of pain, 581

O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, 743

The whole world's grief and suff'ring and earth's unspoken pain, 268

There is the throne of David, and there, from pain released, 814

they triumphed over pain and death, fought darkness and the grave., 736

time to believe what love is bringing, laying to rest the pain that's gone., 784

to feel the pain that tears the soul, to spread the joy that makes one whole., 440

token of the pain that he will bear to save us., 322

what pain or what disaster can part me from his love?, 769

when ev'ry prayer seems pris'ner of my pain, 755

where no pain or sorrow, toil or care is known, 778

with childlike trust that fears no pain or death., 427

without you, mighty Savior, to live is naught but pain, 484

yet upon the cross extended, you have borne the pain of all., 331

yet we, his disciples, often cause him pain, 770


who toil along the climbing way with painful steps and slow, 286


But the pains which he endured, alleluia!, 358

The pains of death are past; labor and sorrow cease, 811

Remember thee, and all thy pains, and all thy love to me?, 422

the words of grace and mercy, the cross and all its pains, 508

We come with self-inflicted pains of broken trust and chosen wrong, 579

We may not know, we cannot tell what pains he had to bear, 353


he paints the wayside flower, he lights the evening star, 453


You had a palace in the sky, 307


The splendor of the noonday sun grows pale before its light., 810


Christ is alive! No longer bound to distant years in Palestine, 362


Palm branches strew before him! Spread garments! Shout and sing!, 344


O Savior meek, your road pursue, with palms and scattered garments strewed., 343

The people of the Hebrews with palms before you went, 342

Victor palms in every hand, 88


palsied limbs and fainting soul, 313

To you they went, the blind, the mute, the palsied and the lame, 736


by your pangs, to us unknown, by your spirit's parting groan, 744

in bitter pangs resigned his breath, but now has ris'n. Amen!, 356

O the wormwood and the gall! O the pangs his soul sustained!, 349

Savior, for our pardon sue when our sins your pangs renew, 352


how my heart has panted and my soul has fainted, thirsting after you., 722


As pants for cooling streams the hart, 794

As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after you, 28


promising him paradise: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

Christ has opened Paradise. Alleluia!, 359


How strange is this great paradox to ponder:, 351


By your pard'ning grace I live, 779

do you long for pard'ning grace? Is your only hope his death?, 416

haunted by that life so tender, pard'ning, bleeding, crucified., 557

he, to us in love inclining, cheers our souls with pard'ning grace., 298


asking pardon for our sins, peace and comfort from above., 741

craving pardon for your foes: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

For all the world Christ died to purchase pardon, 629

grant us pardon, grant us peace, till our earthly wand'rings cease., 375

he lived and died to buy my pardon, an empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives., 706

How can your pardon reach and bless the unforgiving heart, 777

Just as I am; thou wilt receive, wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, relieve, 762

Lord, for all that bought our pardon, for the sorrows deep and sore, 334

pardon and spare me, summon and bear me homeward at last., 796

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth, 460

Pardon, Lord, and are there those who my debtors are, or foes?, 779

pardon our transgressions, hear our earnest cry, 770

proclaims free pardon, grace and peace, 161

Savior, for our pardon sue when our sins your pangs renew, 352

Stretch out your hand in blessing, in pardon and in peace., 763

that moment from Jesus a pardon receives., 550

The pardon which Jesus, our High Priest, imparts, 675

The word of God, which ne'er shall cease, proclaims free pardon, grace, and peace, 509

To God's people now proclaim that God's pardon waits for them!, 264

Turn from wickedness and evil; God will pardon, cleanse and heal, 780

While your ministers proclaim peace and pardon in your name, 553


then my heart assured shall be you, my God, have pardoned me., 779

where countless pardoned sinners meet adoring at his feet., 768


He pardons all our sins, prolongs our feeble breath, 546

Morning breaks and Jesus meets us, feeds and comforts, pardons still, 211


For the joy of human love, brother, sister, parent, child, 538

God, teach us peacemaking unto the end -- parent or child, or as stranger or friend --, 687

of parent and partner and roommate and friend., 678

Yet nations still prey on the meek of the world, and conflict turns parent from child., 682


the pilgrimage our parents made to keep our people strong --, 395

parents' cries

from the swords of Herod's soldiers, ravaged homes and parents' cries --, 692

parent's love

As a parent's love is endless, so God's mercy follows us, 534


Christ, engage us in your mission; worldwide let our parish be, 684


Go with us when we part, and to each longing heart, 563

I languish for my heavenly part, 794

My sin -- not in part, but the whole --, 754

not the ban of death can part from the Lord the trusting heart., 215

'Tis the most blessed and needful part to have in Christ a share, 768

what pain or what disaster can part me from his love?, 769

with world, and sin, and self to part, and to obey his word, 183, 209

You pure in heart, each take your part, sing Jesus Christ, our salvation., 368


As we partake, we praise the name, 438


Rise, my soul, adore your Maker; angels sing, praises bring, with them be partaker, 568

you are partaker of his throne, and all things are sustaining, 471


one holy name she blesses, partakes one holy food, 511


parted not though bread be broken, you bear godhood's every token., 419

till in glory, parted never from the blessed Savior's side, 331


and the breadth of human knowledge only partial truth impart., 664


As at his parting, joy shall banish grieving, 626

by your pangs, to us unknown, by your spirit's parting groan, 744

like meeting after parting, like sunshine after rain, 599

Parting water stood and trembled as the captives passed on through, 767


what knitting severed friendships up, where partings are no more!, 17, 394


a partner in Christ's sacrifice, and clothed in Christ's humanity., 694

of parent and partner and roommate and friend., 678


as his faithful friends he greets us, partners of his work and will., 211

Partners with the saints of old, no more strangers in the fold, 126


give what your eye delights to view, truth in the inward parts., 750

Paschal Lamb

Glory to the great I Am! Glory to the Paschal Lamb!, 74

Own your congregation, gracious Paschal Lamb, 205

Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, all our sins on you were laid, 330


Before that face all-seeing of God who gave us being, we pass away and we are gone., 806

Do we pass that cross unheeding, breathing no repentant vow, 331

earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away., 807

Pass me not, O gentle Savior, hear my humble cry, 772

till we pass to perfect day: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

unnumbered souls are dying and pass into the night., 634

while on others thou art calling; do not pass me by, 772

while on others thou art smiling, do not pass me by., 772


brought it back victorious when from death he passed, 480

built up by those before us and passed through us today., 434

For those passed on before us, our Savior, we adore, 107

Parting water stood and trembled as the captives passed on through, 767


Feast after feast thus comes and passes by, 421

We fade, a dream that passes, like withered meadow grasses when summer's sun has shone., 806

You, the peace that passes knowledge, dwelling in the daily strife, 576


Let not the passing of the years rob us of joy or cause us fears, 804

The days are swiftly passing, time is not ours to hold., 309

Your hand has helped us on through ev'ry passing year, 633


above the storms of passion, the murmurs of self-will., 603

Blessed are they who with true passion strive to make the right prevail, 595

filled by you with one great passion: that the world may be made whole., 619

for Lord Jesus' bitter passion may we ever thankful be., 560

hush the storm of strife and passion, bid its cruel discords cease., 648

Let our rejoicing souls in you the tokens of your passion view, 399

Lord, who in your cross and passion hung beneath a darkened sky, 692

one holy passion filling all my frame:, 224, 490

To you before your passion they sang their hymns of praise, 342

with a passion for discerning how the world has been designed., 664

yours the passion we need this day., 499


from selfish passions set me free and make me pure within., 764

God reins our fervent passions day by day, 459

O let it freely burn, till worldly passions turn, 492

the wayward and the lost by restless passions tossed, 640


And through these days of penitence, and through your Passiontide, 341


Christ our Passover has been sacrificed for us, therefore let us keep the feast., 236

The passover of gladness, the passover of God, 90


I with this passport can appear before the throne of God., 768


Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past, 757

Be this, when day is past, of all my thoughts the last:, 552

From the past will come the future, 797

Fulfiller of the past and hope of things to be, 326

hide me, O my Savior, hide till the storm of life is past, 724

out from the gloomy past till now we stand at last, 707

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us., 707

Sing praise and hallelujah! For present friends and past, 435

the feast, though not the love, is past and gone., 421

Then let us, with the Spirit's daring, step from the past and leave behind, 784

to guide the future, as in ages past., 757

While we your past dealings gratefully review, 770


in your tending may all pastors learn and live a shepherd's care, 642


Here is a pasture, rich and never failing, 593


Green pastures are before me which yet I have not seen, 732

he's a Shepherd, kind and gracious, and his pastures are delicious, 662, 663

In pastures fresh he makes me feed, beside the living stream., 730

in pastures green; he leadeth me the quiet waters by, 720

in your pleasant pastures feed us, for our use your folds prepare., 731

When I hunger, Jesus feeds me, into pleasant pastures leads me, 723


and dark is his path on the wings of the storm., 566

and love, joy, hope, like flowers, spring in his path to birth, 263

and not one of our communion e'er forsake the path of bliss, 673

God, when I stand, no path before me clear, 755

if I have wandered from the path of grace, 759

in the path you have appointed, till we reach your dwelling-place., 716

keep us forever in the path, we pray., 707

My hope I cannot measure, my path to life is free, 732

O teach your trav'ling pilgrims by this their path to trace, 505

shine ever on my sight, and clothe me round, the while my path illuming., 492

shine upon our path of life, shine upon our path of life., 319

the Finisher of all our hopes, the Truth, the Life, the Path., 703

The path of prayer you also trod, 749

till our days on earth are ended, light unto our path afford, 506

to us the path of knowledge show, and teach us in her ways to go., 274

We have come, treading our path thro' the blood of slaughtered, 707

We've a Savior to show to the nations, who the path of sorrow has trod, 621

Your feet the path of suff'ring trod; your hand the vict'ry won, 348


All we need the Lord supplies us when we walk in paths of truth, 534

and leads me for his mercy's sake in paths of truth and grace., 730

Commit your hearts to seek the paths which Christ has trod, 628

from paths where hide the lures of greed we catch the vision of your tears., 581

Help me walk in the paths of righteousness, 728

O Master, let me walk with you in lowly paths of service true, 735

our disappointment, guilt, and grieving, seeking new paths, and sure to find., 784

within the paths of righteousness, e'en for his own name's sake, 720


"When through fiery trials your pathway shall lie, 709

nor wander from the pathway if you will be my guide., 172, 603


in shop and industry, city and farm -- show us the pathways that cause no one harm., 687


by your patience and your courage, you have taught us work is good., 576

give patience as we watch and weep, though mercy long delay, 750

Grant them humble hearts when prospered, patience in adversity., 428

He will not always chide; he will with patience wait, 546

Love, and joy, and peace, and patience, kindness, caring, self-control, 496

Teach me your patience; share with me a closer, dearer company, 735

source of caring and gentle patience., 499

teach me the patience of unceasing prayer., 490


By your patient years of toiling, by your silent hours of pain, 648

daily pow'r to conquer sin; patient faith, the crown to win, 426

love is gracious, ever-patient, generous of heart and mind:, 591

of patient hope and quiet, brave endurance, 427

The generous, gentle, obedient, the patient, the honest, the just., 656

when temptations come alluring, make us patient and enduring, 799


Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain, 757

You have suffered great affliction and have borne it patiently, 334


prophets and patriarchs, year by year; have longed to see your light appear, 280


For he is our childhood's pattern; day by day like us he grew, 292

to dwell in lowliness with us, our pattern and our king, 584

to your church a pattern give, showing how believers live., 672


If you cannot preach like Peter, if you cannot pray like Paul, 500


pause in wonder to recall Jesus' incarnation., 300

we can pause in the turmoil seeking peace deep within, 748


pavilioned in splendor, and girded with praise., 566


Lord, forgive me, day by day, debts I cannot hope to pay, 779

O that I my vows to you may pay, 756

pay due homage to Christ Jesus, come with thanks before his face., 560

There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin, 353

to him our heartfelt thanks we pay in deep humility., 364

to serve, instead of being served; to pay for our perversity, 583

To you our vows with sweet accord, head of your church, we pay, 677


the master pays the debt his servants owe him, who would not know him., 351