I Am

Glory to the great I Am! Glory to the Paschal Lamb!, 74

Hail, First and Last, the great I Am, in whom we live and move, 703

O great I Am! in you we rest, sure answer to our ev'ry quest., 486

The Lord, the great I Am, by earth and heav'n confessed --, 468

To God and to the Lamb, who is the great "I Am,", 328


We know who we are called to be. Now claiming our identity, 434


and all the idle options we pursue., 459

guard me, lest idle speech may from my lips be falling, 615


from each idol that would keep us, saying, "Christian, love me more.", 600

From ev'ry idol I have known now set my spirit free, 747


Let his love in us ignited more and more our spirits fill., 401


by an ignominious death he a full atonement made, 416


Christ the Prince of Peace is here, no one dare ignore him, 300


ever bringing good from ill, 313

He heals our souls and gives us sight and puts no ill before us., 718

Jesus, Master, whom I serve, though so feebly and so ill, 42

Keep us from all harm and ill, alleluia!, 303

Love one another, bear no ill, share of the bounty, do God's will., 536

that through your truth, which cannot fail, we may o'er ev'ry ill prevail., 519

We shall o'ercome the mightiest ill, and conquerors prove at length., 106

Yea, though I walk in death's dark vale, yet will I fear no ill, 720


and free us from all ills in this world and the next., 533

though ills have weight, and tears their bitterness., 807


from our hearts our fears dispel and with joy illumine!, 300

Hail, O form of God made human, who God's unity illumine, 419


shine ever on my sight, and clothe me round, the while my path illuming., 492


living illustration of the living word, 582


help us in our varied callings your full image to proclaim, 642

Remember, Lord, though frail we be, in your own image were we made, 339

to shape God's image as we see our own, 459


may we imitate you now, 313

That we all may zealously imitate their constancy, 108


for Immanuel is now with us, God with us, God with us., 191, 324

God with us now descends to dwell, God in our flesh, Immanuel., 185

great Immanuel, kindly hear us., 278

Immanuel, to you we sing, O Prince of life, almighty King, 280

O come, O come, Immanuel, and ransom captive Israel, 274

O come to us, abide with us, our Lord Immanuel., 282

pleased as man with us to dwell, Jesus our Immanuel., 295

Rejoice! Rejoice! Immanuel shall come to you, O Israel!, 274

What off'ring shall I bring to you, Immanuel, my Savior true, 279

Immanuel's praise

help us sing our Savior's merits, help to chant Immanuel's praise., 330


What mercy this, immense and free, for, O my God, it found out me!, 773

Your majesty, how vast it is, and how immense the glory, 471


and with immortal mercy glows our God, the Lord of hosts!, 810

giver of immortal gladness, fill us with the light of day!, 544

Immortal, invisible, God only wise, 457

Of one pearl each shining portal, where, joining with the choir immortal, 258

open wide the fast-closed portal, saying to the Lord immortal:, 588

Praise to God, immortal praise, for the love that crowns our days!, 119

that living bread, that heav'nly wine, be our immortal food., 411

Immortal One

Only Immortal One, Mighty Creator!, 813


I only know a living Christ, our immortality., 704

Source of all sov'reignty, light, immortality, 407

Until the body changed attains blest immortality., 180


a word to stand forever, which faith and light impart, 508

and the breadth of human knowledge only partial truth impart., 664

consecrating to your purpose ev'ry gift which you impart., 148, 688

Each day unto my heart new life and grace impart., 737

Glorious Lord, yourself impart! Light of light, from God proceeding, 558

He lives, he lives, salvation to impart!, 792

he to the lowly soul will still himself impart, 584

in this glad hour. Your grace to us impart, now rule in ev'ry heart, 555

Israel's strength and consolation, hope to all the earth impart, 262

It gently heals the broken heart and heav'nly riches does impart, 509

Jesus, you are all compassion, pure, unbounded love impart!, 474

May he with all his gifts impart his crowning gift, a thankful heart., 816

May your rich grace impart strength to my fainting heart, my zeal inspire, 705

O teach me, Lord, that I may teach the precious truths which you impart., 646

Shed in our hearts your love abroad, your Spirit's blessing now impart, 437

The church is the Lord's, and its people the Body of Christ, who impart, 656

till they inward light impart, glad my eyes and warm my heart., 475

Take full possession of my heart; to me your lowly mind impart, 721

your saving grace impart on this, your holy day., 563

You are the truth; your word alone true wisdom can impart, 661


accept the gifts we offer for all your love imparts, 453

Help us, O Lord, to learn the truths your word imparts:, 666

Now his grace to us imparts eternal sunshine to our hearts, 367

So God imparts to human hearts the blessings of his heav'n., 282

The pardon which Jesus, our High Priest, imparts, 675

The peace which God alone reveals and by his word of grace imparts, 33


and nothing can impede me, O blessed Friend!, 791


Lord, grant that we impelled by love in smallest things may faithful prove, 643


shadows with his wings your head, guards from all impending harms, 729


O may our imperfect songs and praises, 207


Here may we gain from heav'n the grace which we implore, 517

Soon, we implore you, come, 84


Help from none will he withhold who implores his power., 596


Thanks to his love's wide outpouring and to the Spirit's imploring, 316


Your suff'rings shall remain deep on my heart impressed, 488


imprison me within your arms, and strong shall be my hand., 604


Long my imprisoned spirit lay fast bound in sin and nature's night., 773


Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of your love., 610


He will be in you, before and behind and beside you, 639


in light inaccessible hid from our eyes, 457


God's gift of love incarnate that all might be restored., 503

humbly now, I bow before you, love incarnate, I adore you, 588

O Word of God Incarnate, O wisdom from on high, 23, 505

spoken by the Word incarnate, God of God, before time was, 507

The everlasting Son incarnate stoops to be, 185

veiled in flesh the Godhead see; hail thíincarnate Deity, 295

Incarnate God

Incarnate God, put forth your pow'r, 278

to lift the earthly veil which hides Incarnate God below., 318

Incarnate Word

Brothers, sisters, join in praising Christ, the Son, Incarnate Word, 193

Come now, Incarnate Word, our just and mighty Lord, 555


by your Holy Spirit's pow'r make your church your incarnation, 363

flow from Christís blessed incarnation, 197

In your blessed incarnation shine, 73

pause in wonder to recall Jesus' incarnation., 300

with praise, you sinners, fill the sky, for this, his incarnation., 278


come with the wise men, pouring incense and myrrh and gold., 284

So bring him incense, gold, and myrrh, 305

Lord God of hosts! O may our praise your courts with grateful incense fill, 31


if we, by his love incited, could ourselves and all forget, 589


Breathe on me, breath of God, my will to yours incline, 494

God, Father, Son, and Spirit, hear! To all our pleas incline your ear, 308

Incline your ear to my distress in spite of my rebelling., 761

incline your ear to us, and grant us your peace. Amen, 825

May our hearts incline to you as we keep your cross in view, 352

the spring of Joy that shall incline, 424


he, to us in love inclining, cheers our souls with pard'ning grace., 298


Make wide that wisdom and that grace to include, 678


when the anxious, incompetent steward in fear keeps back part of the price., 656


Behold a broken world, we pray, where want and war increase, 691

For the sake of life tomorrow may our love for it increase, 140

from fear of rattling saber, from dread of war's increase, 683

increase our faith and light our minds, 561

increase our little spark of faith, and fill our hearts with love., 703

increase when our actions are loving and just., 678

increase, rekindle, and restore their love till life shall end., 430

live to behold our large increase, and die to meet us all above., 432

Show us how through care and goodness fear will die and hope increase., 685

to move, increase, and strengthen within us at this hour., 391


grows and grows, each day increasing and becomes a mighty tree, 702

O may we, in grace and in number increasing, 616


God and man indeed, comfort in all need, 473

he lives to die no more, amen, the Lord is ris'n indeed!, 356

O make me thine indeed, thou blessed Son., 740

The Lord is ris'n indeed!, 93, 356

till ev'ry foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed., 752


If selfish ease was my indulgent choice, 759


in shop and industry, city and farm -- show us the pathways that cause no one harm., 687

Indwelling God

Indwelling God, your gospel claims one family with a billion names, 385


Lord of our growing years, with us from infancy, 800

This child, now weak in infancy, our confidence and joy shall be, 287

throughout our lives in ev'ry stage, from infancy to later age., 804


An infant we present to thee as thy redeemed property, 167

and infant voices shall proclaim their early blessings on his name., 404

and is moved to awe and laughter at this infant life so dear, 659

Bitter myrrh have I to give the infant Jesus, 322

God on earth is now residing, yonder shines the infant light., 293

guide where our infant Redeemer is laid., 317

Lord, whom high heav'n cannot contain, you as a lowly infant came, 279

Prayer is the simplest form of speech that infant lips can try, 749

round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild, 297

see where the infant Jesus smiles upon Mary's breast!, 284

They but saw a maiden lowly with an infant pure and holy, 319

to bless and love the infant church which gathered in your name, 395

While a helpless infant still, he had to flee his foes, 336


No more let sin and sorrow grow, nor thorns infest the ground, 294


And thanks never ceasing for infinite love., 105, 565

Infinite your vast domain, 386

He left his Father's throne above -- so free, so infinite his grace --, 773


In our end is our beginning; in our time, infinity, 797


he heals all our infirmities and ransoms us from death., 546


and with an active zeal our soul inflame, 377


Forgive the hurts our selfishness inflicted on those we love and those who love us best., 671


you only can inform the mind and purify the heart., 661


Blessed inhabitants of Zion, washed in the Redeemer's blood!, 522


He inhabits the praise of his people, and dwells deep within., 549


destined heaven to inherit, and the church above to meet., 515

Earth's glory to inherit is not what I desire, 484

For the good we all inherit, thanks be to God., 449

Jesus, grant us through your merit to inherit your salvation, 278

Let us all in you inherit, let us find the promised rest., 124, 474

through your suff'ring, death and merit, life eternal we inherit, 334

till earth inherit heaven above., 535

yes, all the wrath, the woe that you inherit, this I do merit., 351

Your life to inherit, your gifts to employ, 491


Save your people, Lord, and bless your inheritance., 234

thou mine inheritance now and always, 719


Across the world, across the street, the victims of injustice cry, 694


Come now, O Lord, and search each inmost thought., 742

doubt not our inmost wants are known to him who chose us for his own., 712

No storm can shake my inmost calm, while to that Rock I'm clinging., 701


half-free, half-bound by inner chains, by social forces swept along, 579


Simple innocence springs solely forth from Jesus' bleeding side, 715

Simple innocence, most holy, forthright, strong, profoundly wise, 715


to study that your laws may be inscribed upon our hearts., 666

His promise keeps us strong and sure; we trust the holy signature inscribed upon our temples, 761


And if the world were twice as wide, with gold and precious jewels inside, 307

like the leaven in the mixture swells inside while hid from view, 702


confused or dazzled by the light, may learn from you through your insight., 520

sharp anger to insight which strengthens the heart, 678

when human insight fails, give light, 734

Yet give us insight that keeps us aware justice and mercy in balance to share., 687


has he not your love excited? Then let love inspire each breast., 673

inspire our hearts grown cold with fear, 379

Inspire us, Lord, to offer our best, our all, to you, 391

Lord, reprove, inspire us by the way you give, 651

May your rich grace impart strength to my fainting heart, my zeal inspire, 705

move within us and inspire us more to serve God's holy name., 496

O Holy Spirit, stir us now, inspire our hearts to make this vow:, 299

Spirit of God, on this great day inspire, 377

The young, the old inspire with wisdom from above, 376

Though I may speak with bravest fire, and have the gift to all inspire, 590

to touch our lips, our minds inspire, and wing to heav'n our thought!, 531

which will with holy love our hearts inspire, 377


Alleluia! Through this journey let our lives inspired be., 637

and tongues of fire aglowing inspired each person there., 378

inspired by Christ, through word and tune, of things divine we dream., 439

inspired with hope and praise to Christ belong., 640

O Father, who sustained them, O Spirit, who inspired, 634

What the fathers most desired, what the prophet's heart inspired, 261


but the joy of his inspiring, lending to his voice an ear, 717


Instead of the thorn tree the fir tree shall grow, 682


By your holy word instruct them; fill their minds with heav'nly light, 660


Joyfully, heartily resounding, let ev'ry instrument and voice, 545

Let ev'ry instrument be tuned for praise! Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise!, 532


Make us the instruments you use to praise the Savior more, 99


In ev'ry insult, rift, and war, where color, scorn, or wealth divide, 362


help us witness to your purpose with renewed integrity, 25, 617


Faith and hope and love restoring, may we serve as you intend, 71, 617

may we serve as you intend, 25


Make us all you have intended, 622

to live as God intended with sacred dignity., 503


be the people Christ intends, 526

Suffer and serve till all are fed and show how grandly love intends, 579


of your love, all love excelling; there fulfill your blessed intent, 716

To seek for a king was their intent,and to follow the star wherever it went., 290


at God's right hand you intercede, 472

now for us before the Father as our brother intercede, 370

that suffers when one life despairs, and moves to intercede., 524


and Jesus, on the eternal throne, for sinners intercedes., 749

Hear me, for your Spirit pleads; hear, for Jesus intercedes, 553


ever for us interceding, till in glory we appear., 330


Intercessor, Friend of sinners, earth's Redeemer, hear our plea, 373


the silence of eternity, interpreted by love!, 739


the intimate networks on whom we depend, 678


you the New Law validated whom the Old had intimated., 419


And can it be that I should gain an int'rest in the Savior's blood?, 773


Immortal, invisible, God only wise, 457


Like a tiny seed of mustard, stored with life, invisibly, 702


Now we join in celebration at our Saviorís invitation, 187

to you our hearts are led through your blessed invitation., 214

who sinful hearts did bring to heed your invitation., 488


God's grace did invite us, God's love shall unite us, 136

His grace did invite us, his love shall unite us, 194

We now invite you, "Come! Rejoice!", 134


Grace invited, faith united, remnant hope of Calvary., 557

Lord Jesus Christ, invited guest and Savior, 427


And Christ today invites us still to follow and to live., 481

So let us keep the festival to which the Lord invites us, 367


Peacemakers!Blest by Christ's inviting word, 153


by invocation of the same, the three in one, and one in three., 237


give what your eye delights to view, truth in the inward parts., 750

half-seen upon the inward eye, a falling star across the sky, 478

health to the sick in mind, sight to the inward blind:, 380

its tangled skein of care: our inward life repair., 644

Let inward love guide ev'ry deed, 590

showing an inward, spiritual grace., 408

till they inward light impart, glad my eyes and warm my heart., 475


And when human hearts are breaking under sorrow's iron rod, 463


Isaiah the prophet has written of old how God's earthly kingdom shall come., 682

The rose of which I'm singing, Isaiah had foretold., 302


I hope as Israel in the Lord, 761

O come, O come, Immanuel, and ransom captive Israel, 274

Praise to the Spirit, comforter of Israel, 383

Praise we now the God of nations who through Israel long ago, 637

Rejoice! Rejoice! Immanuel shall come to you, O Israel!, 274

The old man, meek and mild, the priest of Israel, slept, 609

You are the King of Israel and David's royal Son, 342

Israel's children

for Israel's children, walled on each side., 408

Israel's chosen race

O seed of Israel's chosen race, now ransomed from the fall, 403

Israel's strength

Israel's strength and consolation, hope to all the earth impart, 262