holy  (Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit were not indexed for this concordance. See other key terms. However, there are separate entries for Hear us, holy Jesus and Holy day, or Holy, holy, holy below.)

And all that is within me join to bless his holy name., 546

and in holy ways he will lead you. So to God give praise which is his due., 275

and joins God's holy people in new community., 503

And let your holy blessing remain within this place, 13

And may the holy Three-in-One, the Father, Word, and Comforter, 33

and should our love's union holy firmly linked no more remain, 673

breathe now within us your holy breath., 499

burn now within us your holy fire., 499

By your holy word instruct them; fill their minds with heav'nly light, 660

by your teachings true and holy, drawn from earth to love you solely., 558

came in likeness lowly, Son of God most holy, 186, 270, 273

Church of God, elect and glorious, holy nation, chosen race, 69, 526

Church of God, elect and holy, be the people Christ intends, 526

Come, holy Comforter, your sacred witness bear, 555

disobeyed your holy word. Lord, have mercy on us still., 760

Do we attempt to do your holy will?, 742

Fill us with your holy fullness, 98

Follow with rev'rent steps the great example of him whose holy work was doing good, 151

For life, light, love your holy name we bless, 711

For us baptized, for us he bore his holy fast and hungered sore, 485

For you alone are the holy One, you alone are the Lord, 233

For your church that evermore lifts its holy hands above, 538

from heav'n he came and sought her to be his holy bride, 511

Glowing gold I bring the newborn babe so holy, 322

Go with us down from your holy hill., 489

God his own shall tend and nourish, in his holy courts they flourish., 667

Grant us grace to see you, Lord, mirrored in your holy word, 313

he, though heav'nly, high, and holy, deigns to dwell with you most lowly., 588

Hear us, holy Jesus

and enjoy your tender care: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

and your dearest human friend: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

by your suff'rings perfect made: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

calling humbly on your name: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

cheer our souls, our hope renew: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

craving pardon for your foes: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

for we know not what we do: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

grace to reach the home on high: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

in the darkness be our stay: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

keep us in that trial hour: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

loving, since your love we see: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

may we know that God is near: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

promising him paradise: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

satisfy your loving will: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

thirsting more our love to gain: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

till we pass to perfect day: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

when with wrong our spirits bleed: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

where the healing waters flow: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

while no light from heav'n is shown: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

while we grow in holiness: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

yielding up your soul at last: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

His promise keeps us strong and sure; we trust the holy signature inscribed upon our temples., 761

his the loving purpose solely to preserve them pure and holy., 667

Holy and most merciful Savior, our eternal God!, 6

holy day

bless all that we have heard on this, your holy day., 563

in silent awe we bow on this, your holy day., 563

Jesus, we love to meet on this, your holy day, 563

over our spirits bend on this, your holy day., 563

to serve you as we ought on this, your holy day., 563

We dare not trifle now on this, your holy day, 563

We listen to your word on this, your holy day, 563

we worship round your seat on this, your holy day., 563

your saving grace impart on this, your holy day., 563

Holy, holy, holy

and "Holy, holy, holy," cry, "Almighty King!", 468

fill the heavens with sweet accord: holy, holy, holy Lord., 386

Holy, holy, holy! All the saints adore thee, 381

Holy, holy, holy giver of all good, life and food, reign adored forever., 568

Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty!, 133, 381

Holy, holy, holy Lord, God of power and might, heaven and earth are full of your glory, 234

Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!, 133, 381

Holy, Holy, Holy! Sing the hosts of heaven, 554

Holy, holy, holy! Though the darkness hide thee, 381

Holy is your name! Who can make this claim?, 473

Holy Lord, holy Lord, thanks and praise be yours, O Lord, 506

holy nation, chosen race, 69, 526

holy, pure, and perfect now, both now and evermore., 729

holy through your loving presence, holy through the gifts you give., 226

Holy Trinity, we confess with joy that our life and whole salvation flow from Christ’s blessed incarnation, 197

How shall we praise you, Christ, our Lord, for holy life and blood outpoured?, 333

How shall we thank you, Christ, our Lord, for holy life and blood outpoured?, 333

I do believe he died for me the holy Lamb on Calvary., 776

I need thee ev'ry hour, most Holy One, 740

In copious show'r on all who pray each holy day your blessings pour!, 517

Jesus, Jesus, holy, holy, yet most lowly, now draw near us, 278

Just and holy is thy name, I am all unrighteousness, 724

Let holy thoughts be ours when sleep o'ertakes us, 575

let shouts of holy joy outburst. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!, 361

Let us recall that in our midst, dwells Christ, God's holy Son, 785

Like the holy angels who bow down before you, may we ceaselessly adore you, 554

Lord, as round this feast we gather, fill our hearts with holy rapture!, 187

Lord, exalt your holy name. Conquer evil by your pow'r., 760

Lord of all good, our gifts we bring to you; use them your holy purpose to fulfill., 158

Lord, you make the common holy: "This my body, this my blood.", 617

Lowly, holy! Great and glorious, all victorious, rich in blessing!, 188

May we all your loved ones be, all one holy family, 352

Most holy Lord and God, holy, almighty God, 6, 203

move within us and inspire us more to serve God's holy name., 496

my portion, my all, at your holy feet humbly pleading I fall., 608

O bless his holy name, and joyful thanks proclaim through all the earth, 452

O gentle messenger, return -- return, O holy Dove, 747

O holy God, whose gracious pow'r redeems us, 155

O Lord Almighty, living Word, and Spirit, holy Trinity:, 504

O Lord, who through this holy week did suffer for us all, 348

O that bread of yours, how holy, which, Christ Jesus, you are solely!, 419

Of a virgin lowly, he the king most holy, born this day to save us., 303

of your dwelling here on earth, by your pure and holy birth, 744

On this most holy day of days, be laud and jubilee and praise:, 369

one holy name she blesses, partakes one holy food, 511

one holy passion filling all my frame:, 224, 490

only thou art holy; there is none beside thee, 381

Our triumphant holy day, alleluia!, 358

ours the strength by which we strive, on your holy arm relying, 363

pure and fresh and sinless in your holy eyes., 567

Pure and holy, giving glory to the King of Kings., 109

round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild, 297

Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright, 297

Simple innocence, most holy, forthright, strong, profoundly wise, 715

so God feeds us through communion, holy presence, blessed food, 659

so may we with holy joy, pure and free from sin’s alloy, 190

Son of God most holy, born of virgin lowly., 277

Son of God, O hear my cry: by the holy mystery, 744

Stir us to action, O holy wind., 499

Taught to say your holy praises, which on earth your children sing, 660

The highest, most holy, light of light eternal, 283

The holy, spotless Lamb of God, who freely gave his life and blood, 201

the message of salvation from God's own holy word., 625

Then bless his holy name, whose grace has made us whole, 546

Then shall we join the hosts that cry, "O holy, holy Lord Most High!", 561

They but saw a maiden lowly with an infant pure and holy, 319

Thirst for us in mercy still; all your holy work fulfill, 352

This day is holy to the Lord; this day the Lord has made, 821

This holy task, O Lord, your church must quite fulfill, 633

This holy Word exposes sin, convinces us that we're unclean, 509

Throughout the world the holy church acclaims you:, 234

till all your living altars claim one holy light, one heav'nly flame!, 464

to die to self, and so to live by your most holy word., 341

to let our will and our desire be held in holy light., 801

to Spirit blest, most holy God, all the glory, neer ending!, 217

To you, most holy Lord, we sing with hearts and voices, 633

unite around the sacred board to praise your holy name, O Lord:, 424

we are here assembled in your holy name, 205

we bow before his holy name forever blessed., 468

Whatever God ordains is right; his will is just and holy., 718

who would not fear his holy name, and laud and magnify?, 531

With grateful joy and holy fear, God's charity we learn, 785

with the poor and meek and lowly lived on earth our Savior holy., 292

within my heart appear, and kindle it, your holy flame bestowing., 492

within this holy sacrament may we new life, new strength receive., 225

yea, to our aid himself he came; let all adore God’s holy name., 519

yet in him I can rejoice as my Savior holy., 596

You dwell in high and holy place, and yet touch all things with your grace., 738

You only are the Holy One who came for our salvation, 472

Your holy Word the truth that rescues me., 199, 502


Christ our God to earth descended our full homage to demand., 184, 271

pay due homage to Christ Jesus, come with thanks before his face., 560

the homage which to Christ belongs: “Worthy the Lamb, for he was slain!”, 213, 469


a home for us and ages yet unborn., 654

a home within a wilderness, a rest upon the way, 329

a voice to call us home, a voice to call us home., 478

and I hope, by thy good pleasure, safely to arrive at home., 782

and take me home, what joy shall fill my heart., 112, 465

Appear, Desire of nations, your exiles long for home, 17, 394

at home, abroad, in farthest parts of earth, 629

as home to the trav'ler and all we long to see, 599

Bless, O Lord, we pray, your congregation; bless each home and family, 445

but I know Christ, and when he calls, I know he'll call me home to him., 727

changes the world and us and brings us home at last:, 210

Christ has brought you home in mercy, 526

come to make his home among the poorest of the day., 336

Day by day, at home, away, Jesus is my staff and stay., 723

far from my country, friends, and home, 794

fill all our hearts with the pow'r of shalom, living together, the whole world our home., 687

God, teach us peacemaking in church and home, in school and hall beneath Capitol dome, 687

grace to reach the home on high: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

henceforth in fields of conquest your tents will be our home:, 753

how do your children say joy how do your children say home, 30, 462

How lovely is that city, the home of God's elect!, 814

I know that you will strengthen my steps toward home, 791

in ev'ry street, in ev'ry home, in ev'ry troubled friend., 736

In haste you come to meet me and home rejoicing bring, 763

Jesus, Prince of Peace, be near us; fix in all our hearts your home, 556

Late in time behold him come to the earth from heaven's home, 295

let us think how heav'n and home lie beyond that "Till he come!", 413

Lord, who leaving home and kindred, followed still as duty led, 692

May the home they are preparing be a place of faith and prayer, 428

may your grace, all conflict past, bring your children home at last., 692

no more a stranger or a guest, but like a child at home., 730

no orphans left without a home, nor mourners desolate., 17, 394

O Spirit Christ who is our spirit's home, 766

Our God eternal, reigning, creation's life sustaining, our refuge and our home, 806

our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal home!, 143, 461

ours to use for home and kindred, and to spread the gospel word., 652

proclaim your love until you come to bring your scattered loved ones home., 228

remain our guard while life shall last, and our eternal home., 143, 461

safely past the foe to our home we go., 799

Savior of the nations, come! Virgin's Son, make here your home., 265

shall find their glorious home in heav'n's eternal fold!, 633

so we today our first fruits bring, the wealth of this good land, 650

the pilgrims find their home at last, Jerusalem the blessed., 786

There our endless home shall be, 789

'til peace in each home bears and nurtures the bud, 678

'tis grace has brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home., 783

to gather all his saints to their eternal home., 372

To your temple, Lord, I come, for it is my worship home., 553

turned from home and work and fam'ly, leaving all for his dear sake., 600

we all have one Father, and heav'n is our home., 675

We are trav'ling home to God in the way the pilgrims trod, 789

We covenant in church and home this peace to show each other, 121

we long to hold the vision bright and make this hill our home., 326

who gave a home to exiles and took with slaves a part., 391

Within the Father's house the Son has found his home, 318


For all who left their homelands, for all who gave their lives, 391


Lord, who left the highest heaven for a homeless human birth, 692

may your grace and mercy rest on the homeless and oppressed., 692

Still your children wander homeless; still the hungry cry for bread, 688

to serve the poor and homeless first, our ease and comfort last., 696

"When I was hungry, thirsty, and homeless, 149


with your grace and mercy bless all who suffer homelessness., 692


Father, in gratitude for homes and loved ones, we open now our hearts to humankind., 671

from the swords of Herod's soldiers, ravaged homes and parents' cries --, 692

In Christ your Son, we rise restored; in him, our homes are blessed., 674

Let streets and homes with praises ring. Love, drowned in death, shall never die., 362

Lord, bless our homes with peace and love and laughter, with understanding and with loyalty., 671

When our homes are filled with goodness in abundance, 689


as your radiance through me pours all my homeward way to cheer., 614

pardon and spare me, summon and bear me homeward at last., 796

teach me the wayward feet to stay, and guide them in the homeward way., 735

When homeward we go, we must take Jesus with us, 304


be there at our homing, and give us, we pray, 802


The generous, gentle, obedient, the patient, the honest, the just., 656


Here in honesty of preaching, here in silence, as in speech, 564


a taste of honeyed sweetness to nourish heart and mind, 508


All glory, honor, thanks, and praise to Christ our Lord and Savior, 518

All glory, laud, and honor to you, Redeemer, King, 342

All honor and blessing with angels above, 105, 565

and through grace, Jesus' grace, in our whole demeanor, offer praise and honor., 554

be all praise and honor done: "We believe in God!", 387

by faith the children's place we claim, and give all honor to one name., 700

for none sufficiently can praise, love, honor, or adore you., 200

giving honor to the Father and proclaiming Jesus “Lord’., 223

Glory and honor, O Love eternal, to you be given while life shall last., 775

His honor speed by word and deed to ev'ry land, ev'ry nation., 368

honor, and majesty, and might; “Worthy the Lamb, for he was slain!”, 213, 469

honor, glory, and dominion and eternal victory evermore and evermore!, 483

honor, peace, and love retreating, seek the Lord, who is your life., 697

Jesus is worthy to receive our honor and our praise, 477

Let all cry aloud and honor the Son, 105, 565

Power, riches, wisdom, and strength, and honor, blessing, and glory are his., 238

Rivers and seas and torrents roaring, honor the Lord with wild acclaim, 545

Son of God and Son of man! Glory and honor, 470

To God who sent his only Son be glory, laud, and honor done., 307

to seek another's good, to honor what is right, 801

Were they to take our house, goods, honor, child, or spouse, 788

Worship, honor, glory, blessing, Lord, we offer unto you, 1, 66

Worship, honor, glory, blessing, Lord, we offer as our gift, 454

Worship, honor, pow'r and blessing you are worthy to receive, 330

“Worthy is the Lamb once slain, blessing, honor, glory, power, 88


Favored Bethlehem! honored is that name, 285


Earth's greatest honors, howsoe'er they please us, 593

Let ev'ry creature rise and bring the highest honors to our King, 404

to spread through all the earth abroad the honors of your name., 548


Abide with us, that through this life of doubts and hope and pain, 341

all my hope on him is grounded; Jesus is my joy, therefore blessed am I., 197

All we have to offer, all we hope to do, 778

and all find fresh hope and purpose in Christ Jesus crucified., 526

and hope to serve yet spurs our slowing pace, 711

and I hope, by thy good pleasure, safely to arrive at home., 782

and love, joy, hope, like flowers, spring in his path to birth, 263

and to one hope she presses with ev'ry grace endued., 511

as heirs of God's baptismal grace, his word of hope proclaim., 628

behold me, Lord, returning with hope and trust to you., 763

bore the cross to save us, hope and freedom gave us., 186, 270, 273

bringing light and hope to ev'ry land and race., 708

by pow'rs and systems close confined yet seeking hope for humankind., 579

can make for us a world of diff'rence, as faith and hope are born again., 784

cheer our souls, our hope renew: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

Christ suffers still, yet loves the more, and lives, where even hope has died., 362

Christians, dismiss you fear; let hope and joy succeed, 93, 356

do you long for pard'ning grace? Is your only hope his death?, 416

Faith and hope and love restoring, may we serve as you intend, 25, 71, 617

felt in the days when hope unborn had died, 707

for children's voices singing, for faith and hope that last, 435

for only those who bear the cross may hope to wear the glorious crown., 758

For the hope to go on we must make it our song: you and I be the singers., 580

Fulfill our hope; revive our love; O Lord, make all things new., 674

Fulfiller of the past and hope of things to be, 326

Give thanks in hope, rejoice, repent, and practice all you prayed, 451

Give them joy to lighten sorrow! Give them hope to brighten life!, 429

Give us faith to be more faithful, give us hope to be more true, 398

Grace invited, faith united, remnant hope of Calvary., 557

hail the star that from far bright with hope is burning., 289

He came singing hope and he lived singing hope, 580

He truly tasted death to give us hope again, 356

health in God's garden, hope in God's children, 655

hope and health, good will and comfort, counsel, aid, and peace we give, 688

I hope as Israel in the Lord; he sends redemption through his word., 761

in all places, with all races, may that story of his glory be the hope of all the world., 631

in hope that sends a shining ray far down the future's broad'ning way, 735

in our faith and hope the promise of a new humanity., 401

In the day this world is fading faith and hope will play their part, 591

In you alone, dear God, we own sweet hope and consolation, 121

In you, Lord , is our hope: let us never be put to shame, 234

inspired with hope and praise to Christ belong., 640

Israel's strength and consolation, hope to all the earth impart, 262

It is in God that we shall hope, and not in our own merit., 761

let my soul look up with a steadfast hope and my will be lost in thine., 607

let no faithless fears o'ertake us, let not faith and hope forsake us, 799

Lord, forgive me, day by day, debts I cannot hope to pay, 779

Lord, our refuge, hope, and strength! Keep, O keep us safe from harm, 741

loving touch of the Eternal; hope and wonder are renewed., 659

May the God of hope go with us ev'ry day, 708

My God, I love you, not because I hope for heav'n thereby, 602

My hope I cannot measure, my path to life is free, 732

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness, 771

Nay, too closely am I bound unto him by hope forever, 215

no watcher waits with greater hope than I for his returning., 761

now ev'rywhere must the story of hope be repeated, 639

Now hope abides to share love ev'ry place, 711

Now to the earth let these remains in hope committed be, 180

O blessed hope!  In faith we wait, hearing his footsteps at the gate, 220

O Christ, our hope, our heart's desire, redemption's only spring, 374

O God, have mercy, to your children giving hope in believing., 812

O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, 143, 461

O his mercy is unbounded, all my hope on him is grounded, 594

of patient hope and quiet, brave endurance, 427

on needy souls to sow in tears, with hope to reap in joy., 399

One in faith and one in love, one in hope of heaven above., 126, 525

one in heart and one in spirit, sign of hope for all the race., 635

Only be still and wait his pleasure in cheerful hope with heart content., 712

Our hope and expectation, O Jesus, now appear, 56, 256

Our hope is founded in your saving grace., 711

Our mission bears a broader scope: to mend the heart and share the hope, 440

planting seeds of freedom, hope, and love., 690

Pledge of life and hope of glory, Savior, we would worship you, 98

Ponder now the sacred loaf, bread of God, the food of hope, 227

rebuke them for their error; inspire with hope and fervor, 631

Rejoice in glorious hope; for Christ, the Judge, shall come, 372

rekindles hope and scatters gloom. Alleluja!, 365

Saints before the altar bending, watching long in hope and fear, 293

seeding hope in ev'ry nation of unending jubilee., 684

Show us how through care and goodness fear will die and hope increase., 685

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us., 707

Son of God and son of man, only hope of our salvation, 363

Spirit God, our hope and our faith, breathe now within us your holy breath., 499

strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, 460

that faith, and love, and true hope your people may renew., 391

that Jesus, the Hope of the world, is our song., 304

The hope of all who seek him, the help of all who find, 792

The Lord has promised good to me, his word my hope secures, 783

there's a dawn in ev'ry darkness bringing hope to you and me., 797

These days of adventure when all people wait are days for the advent of Hope., 266

This word of hope and freedom speaks deeply to the soul, 503

Thus may our lips your praises sound, our hearts in steadfast hope abound, 519

till, hope fulfilled, we see you face to face., 711

to restore the hope of healing, give us grace and make us still., 398

to spread your holy message from which all hope derives, 391

We clothe our faith and hope with love to meet our neighbors' needs, 395

when all supports are washed away, he then is all my hope and stay., 771

when hope and courage falter, Lord, let your voice be heard, 683

when hope and doubt touch ev'ry hour, when all thoughts find a voice., 801

When John baptized by Jordan's river in faith and hope the people came, 315

when they hope though even hope seems hopelessness, 689

When we seem in vain to pray and our hope seems far away, 352

where all is gloom, may we sow hope, 693

Yet resurrected justice gives rise that we may share free reconciliation and hope amid despair., 620

You are the truth, our hope, and our salvation., 167

You have suffered to release us, hope, salvation, joy to bring., 330

you'll find him always there beside you to give you hope and strength within, 712

Your hope, your confidence, let nothing shake, 757


May we grow in hopeful living, may we know God's strong embrace., 392

Send us, God of new beginnings, humbly hopeful into life., 398


Lord of all hopefulness, Lord of all joy, 802


and have not love: my words are vain as sounding brass, and hopeless gain., 590

none need sink in hopeless sadness, 191, 324


when they hope though even hope seems hopelessness, 689