We are God's house of living stones, built for his own habitation, 512


All hail, our church's Elder dear, O Jesus, glorious head!, 399

All hail, Redeemer, hail! For you have died for me, 405

All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name! Let angels prostrate fall, 402, 403

and hail him as your matchless King through all eternity., 405

glory to you, the Lamb who died. All hail our king, the crucified., 436

Hail, Abraham's God and ours! One mighty hymn we raise., 468

Hail, all hail, victorious Lord and Savior, 82

Hail, Alpha and Omega, hail, O Author of our faith, 703

Hail, Christ the Lord! Your people pray: come quickly, King of Kings., 257

Hail, First and Last, the great I Am, in whom we live and move, 703

hail him who saves you by his grace, and crown him Lord of all!, 403

Hail, O agonizing Savior, bearer of our sin and shame, 330

Hail, O once despised Jesus! Hail, O Galilean King!, 330

Hail, the heav'n-born Prince of Peace! Hail, the Sun of Righteousness!, 295

Hail the Lord of earth and heaven!Alleluia!, 359

hail the star that from far bright with hope is burning., 289

Hail this joyful day's return, hail the Pentecostal morn, 375

Hail to the Lordís Anointed, great Davidís greater Son!, 49, 263

Joyful, we with one accord hail you as our risen Lord, 82

let new tongues hail the risen Lord., 379

Now come, O blessed one, Lord Jesus, God's own Son. Hail, hosanna!, 258

praise the Savior, hail our God!, 64, 298

till you to heaven our steps shall bring where saints and angels hail you King., 519

To hail your rising, Sun of life, the gath'ring nations come, 320

veiled in flesh the Godhead see; hail thíincarnate Deity, 295

We hail you as our Savior, Lord, our refuge and our great reward, 192, 267

we hail you with a joyful song., 280

we hail your body glorified and our redemption see., 326


as with joy they hailed its light, leading onward, beaming bright, 190

heav'nly voices hailed Christ's birth, "Peace, good will to all on earth.", 276


I hear the real, though far off hymn that hails a new creation., 701


half-free, half-bound by inner chains, by social forces swept along, 579

half-seen upon the inward eye, a falling star across the sky, 478

The earth is the Lord's own possession, not the tithe, nor the half, but the whole:, 656

there his will on earth is done; there his heavín is half begun, 670


Calls you one and calls you all to gain his everlasting hall., 291

God, teach us peacemaking in church and home, in school and hall beneath Capitol dome, 687


Amen, amen! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise be given, 278

sing, with awe loveís sensation, hallelujah, God with us, 64, 298

Sing hallelujah, praise the Lord! Sing with a cheerful voice, 94, 114, 543

Sing praise and hallelujah! For present friends and past, 435

Sing praise and hallelujah! Long may our witness thrive, 435

Sing praise and hallelujah! To God who reigns supreme, 435


and then in heav'nly glory my hallelujahs raise., 774

eternal hallelujahs to Jesus Christ the King!, 792

we to you, our Head and King, joyful hallelujahs sing., 400

What rush of hallelujahs fills all the earth and sky!, 394

Your hallelujahs loud, your clear hosannas raise!, 786


All apostles join the strain as your sacred name they hallow, 386

All our days, O Jesus, hallow unto you, 770

all your days unto his service hallow, each to be disciples true, 444

by your call to heavín above us, hallow all our lives, O Lord., 190, 229

hallow and transform our living; breathe through all we say or do., 496

In our common quest for justice may we hallow life's brief span., 685

Renew us now for service that we may hallow all, 391


Church, go forth o'er the earth; Christ, your head, has hallowed you, 631

O then with hymns of praise these hallowed courts shall ring, 517

our thoughts and our activity through Jesus' merits hallowed be., 734

The church of Christ, which he has hallowed here, 516


Word made flesh, whose birth among us hallows all our human race, 648


Now thrust us from the cloistered halls where fearful souls might hide, 524

They stand, those halls of Zion, all jubilant with song, 814

within the comfort of these halls, within the safety of these walls, 440


All good and perfect gifts come to us from your hand., 801

all I have needed thy hand hath provided, 460

All who dwell in deepest sin my hand will save., 641

and naught can pluck us from his hand, which leads us to the end., 768

As with a mother's tender hand, he leads his own, his chosen band., 537

but it is fed and watered by God's almighty hand, 453

but we shall fear no evil when guided by his hand., 309

By the hand our shepherd takes us, leads us, keeps us strong and wise., 715

by waters calm, o'er troubled sea, still 'tis his hand that leadeth me., 787

clad in raiment shining bright, victor palms in evíry hand, 88

dear as the apple of your eye, and graven on your hand., 513

faithís strong hand the rock has found, grasped it and will leave it never, 215

Feed us, Jesus, from your timeless hand:, 418

for when your hand is guiding, in peace I go., 791

forth from your bounteous hand come gifts your love has planned, 653

from weaponry to welcome, turn our hand., 766

from your all-bounteous hand our food may we receive with gratitude., 816

God of all ages, whose almighty hand leads forth in beauty all the starry band, 139

God's own love is reigning o'er us, joining people hand in hand., 544

guide us by your hand to the promised land., 799

Hand in hand with joy advancing, we are one in heart and soul, 619

He leadeth me, he leadeth me; by his own hand he leadeth me, 787

here grasp with firmer hand eternal grace, 421

his faithful foll'wer I would be, for by his hand he leadeth me., 787

I am lost if you take your hand from me, 728

I am weak, but you are mighty; hold me with your powírful hand., 790

I see his hand of mercy, I hear his voice of cheer, 792

I will set a feast for them, my hand will save., 641

imprison me within your arms, and strong shall be my hand., 604

It is God who holds the nations in the hollow of his hand, 140

Lord, I would clasp thy hand in mine, nor ever murmur nor repine, 787

Lord, take my hand and lead me upon life's way, 791

Now he holds you by the hand, and banishes your fear, 729

of rocks and trees, of skies and seas -- his hand the wonders wrought., 456

ponder nothing earthly minded, for with blessing in his hand, 184, 271

Redeem the whole creation with your almighty hand:, 142

redeem your whole creation with your almighty hand, 683

shadowed beneath thy hand, may we forever stand, 707

So take my hand and lead me unto the end., 791

so take my hand, O Savior, and lead the way., 791

so we today our first fruits bring, the wealth of this good land, 650

Strengthen hand and heart and nerve, all your bidding to fulfill, 42

stretch forth your hand of healing now; with love the weak sustain, 628

Stretch forth your hand, our health restore, and make us rise to fall no more, 267

Stretch out your hand in blessing, in pardon and in peace., 763

The God of harvest praise; in loud thanksgiving raise hand, heart, and voice, 452

The right hand of God is writing in our land, 690

the wisdom of my God to teach, his hand to guide, his shield to ward, 237

they tell of God their Maker's hand, and all his love for me., 466

This day your hand has led us, your presence blessed, 571

this we subscribe with heart and hand, resolved through grace thereby to stand., 479

to love and touch and lay the hand, and walk as Christians in this land., 440

upheld by my righteous, omnipotent hand., 709

We are the flock he comes to feed, the sheep who by his hand were made., 539

We covenant with hand and heart to follow Christ, our Lord, 183, 209

we pray our faith be not confined by that which human hand designed., 440

Whate'er I do, where'er I be, still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me., 787

With heart and hand we pledge our love, 169, 174

Your feet the path of suff'ring trod; your hand the vict'ry won, 348

Your hand has helped us on through ev'ry passing year, 633

Your hand, in sight of all my foes, shall still my table spread, 730


Here would I touch and handle things unseen, 421


be the hands of Jesus, serving in his stead., 582

boundless as the deepest ocean, blessed and sealed by your own hands., 429

Christ's living voice, hands and face., 514

Crown him the Lord of love; behold his hands and side, 405

For your church that evermore lifts its holy hands above, 538

hands and feet he gave to us to help each other the whole day through., 649

Hands to work and feet to run -- God's good gifts to me and you, 649

Hearts and hands are consecrated to the service of God's Son., 624

Help us reach out with loving hands in times that try the soul, 524

Her calling now we recognize with prayer and loving hands., 431

hold us when death appears safely within your hands:, 800

in his hands he gently bears us, rescues us from all our foes., 529

In the hands outstretched to greet, 793

In these Caribbean lands, let his people all join hands, 690

Into your hands, eternal Friend, we give ourselves again, 570

Jesus' hands were kind hands, doing good to all, 578

Join hands, disciples of the faith, whateíer your race may be, 45, 523

lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod, while we uphold your hands with prayer., 432

"My pierced side, O Thomas, see, and look upon my hands, my feet, 369

No longer Thomas then denied; he saw the feet, the hands, the side, 369

Not in a temple made with hands God the Almighty is dwelling, 512

Now thank we all our God with heart and hands and voices, 533

now the empty hands uplifted, 414

on hands that work and eyes that see, your healing wisdom pour, 736

Open wide our hands in sharing, as we heed Christ's ageless call, 652

See, from his head, his hands, his feet sorrow and love flow mingled down, 80, 350

See, he lifts his hands above! Alleluia!, 371

Sustaining God, your hands uphold earth's mysteries known or yet untold, 385

Take my hands and let them move at the impulse of your love., 610

Take my hands, Lord Jesus, let them work for you, 578

Take my heart, and take my hands, my feet, my life, my all., 601

The God of harvest praise; hands, hearts, and voices raise with sweet accord, 452

the word and the feast and the friendship, (his head and his hands and his heart!), 656

Then let us place ourselves in God's creative hands, 698

till my hands are kind hands, quick to work for you., 578

Touch now our hands to lead us aright., 489

We are the hands and feet of Christ, serving by grace each otherís need, 46

We bear the torch that flaming fell from the hands of those, 634

We may not touch his hands and side, nor follow where he trod, 713

We who here together are assembled, joining hearts and hands in one, 207

When I in awesome wonder consider all the works thy hands have made, 44, 465

When the sacred vow is made, when the hands are on them laid, 426

who on his chosen lifted hands in blessing, 626

whose strong hands were skilled at the plane and the lathe:, 802

With hearts and hands uplifted, we look, O Lord, to you, 56, 256

Yet hands can speak to eyes that hear and gentleness makes welcome clear., 520

You need my hands, full of caring, 613

your hands swift to welcome, your arms to embrace:, 802

Your hands, O Lord, in days of old were strong to heal and save, 736


Other refuge have I none; hangs my helpless soul on thee, 724

Hannah's son

and what from Eli's sense was sealed, the Lord to Hannah's son revealed., 609


It happened on that fateful night when pow'rs of earth and hell arose, 355


I find unfailing pleasure, true happiness and rest, 484

Jesus' name, Jesus' name, source of life and happiness!, 20, 324

may I find therein salvation, happiness, and peace with God, 202

Praise him for his death and bleeding, all our happiness lies there, 560

Restore the happiness I knew when first I saw the Lord, 747

they are happy now, and we soon their happiness shall see., 789

to have your love and favor is happiness and gain., 484


And happy are they who to Jesus belong:, 304

Christ looks down upon his faithful, leaving them in happy tears., 370

Come with happy hearts and share all our Lord has offered there., 227

For all his blessings your happy songs raise., 540

God will make you happy, Jesus save and keep you, 679

happy soul, happy soul, happy soul, to Christ united., 809

let us with angel choirs rejoice and greet his birth with happy voice., 306

O happy, lowly, lofty birth!Now God, our God, has come to earth., 185

O, happy towns and blessed lands that live by their true king's commands., 272

O happy, unspeakably happy, who can in Jesus find life and salvation., 471

Perfect submission, all is at rest, I in my Savior am happy and blessed, 714

Shepherds, why this jubilee? Why these songs of happy cheer?, 288

they are happy now, and we soon their happiness shall see., 789

wellspring of the joy of living, ocean depth of happy rest!, 544

Who is happy as I am, even now the Shepherd's lamb?, 723

Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning, 283


Restrain me lest I harbor pride, lest I in my own strength confide, 733


But if, forgetful, we should find your yoke is hard to bear, 644

How shall our life fulfill God's law so hard and high?, 695

leading both in ease and hard days, working so that God's love thrives., 622


But hark! The wondrous music falls from the op'ning sky, 284

Hark, angelic voices cry, singing evermore on high: Alleluia!, 360

Hark! The herald angels sing: "Glory to the newborn King!, 295

Hark, the song of jubilee, loud as mighty thunders' roar, 164

Hark! The songs of peaceful Zion thunder like a mighty flood., 373

hark to the voice above our base desire, 459


and keeps us safe from ev'ry harm., 718

and those who put their trust in you not death nor hell shall harm., 661

be with us as we try our wings, and keep us safe from harm., 801

from all harm will be protected, and no danger need to fear., 717

in shop and industry, city and farm -- show us the pathways that cause no one harm., 687

Keep us from all harm and ill, alleluia!, 303

Lord, our refuge, hope, and strength! Keep, O keep us safe from harm, 741


its harmonies broken and almost unheard --, 382

ring with the harmonies of liberty., 707

their harmonies sweet and befitting the word, 382


Is this our high calling, harmonious to dwell, 675


a world that was created for a harmony of peace., 696

And sing in perfect harmony to God our Savior's praise, 94, 114, 543

but the harmony of the creation is broken by selfhood and vice, 656

come among Godís gathered people, giving harmony and life., 223

The music that restores and heals the Source of harmony reveals --, 541


shadows with his wings your head, guards from all impending harms, 729


with harp and cymbal's clearest tone., 258


from angels bending near the earth to touch their harps of gold:, 286

What ringing of a thousand harps bespeaks the triumph nigh!, 394


As pants for cooling streams the hart, 794


For the harvest of the Spirit, thanks be to God., 449

in the harvest we are sharing, God's will is done., 449

Lord of harvest, grant that we wholesome grain and pure may be., 450

Summer and winter, and springtime and harvest, 460

The God of harvest praise; hands, hearts, and voices raise with sweet accord, 452

The God of harvest praise; in loud thanksgiving raise hand, heart, and voice, 452

the golden glow of harvest sheaves declare his love for me., 466

the seedtime and the harvest, our life, our health, our food, 162, 453

with joy, as when the reapers bear their harvest treasures home., 320


come with all his people, come, raise the song of harvest-home., 450

Come, with all your angels, come, raise the glorious harvest-home., 450

Come, you thankful people, come, raise the song of harvest-home, 450

Even so, Lord, quickly come to your final harvest-home, 450

For the Lord our God shall come and shall take his harvest-home, 450


Sowing or tilling, we wouild work with you, harvesting, milling for daily bread., 156


And, Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight, 754

Forgive our haste that tampers unaware., 654

Haste, haste to bring him laud, the babe, the son of Mary!, 305

In haste you come to meet me and home rejoicing bring, 763

O Christians, haste, your mission high fulfilling, 618

O Master, from the mountain side make haste to heal these hearts of pain, 581


and still to things eternal look and hasten to that glorious day., 638

Come then, let us hasten yonder, 289

Early hasten to the tomb, where they laid his breathless clay, 349

Hasten as a bride to meet him, eagerly and gladly greet him., 588

Lord, hasten to bring in your kingdom on earth, when no one shall hurt or destroy, 682

O speak to reassure me, to hasten or control, 603


Be still, my soul: the hour is hast'ning on, 757

Come with the gladsome shepherds, quick hast'ning from the fold, 284

For lo, the days are hast'ning on, by prophet bards foretold, 286


all thought of vengeance or envy or hate. Help us, your children, shalom to create., 687

from sin, division, hate and shame, from spite and enmity!, 781

I hate the sins that made you mourn and grieved your heart of love., 747

It snaps the brittleness of hate, unties the bonds of greed., 260

Purge our hearts from hate and envy; quench the pride that may hold sway, 619

striking out at envy, hate, and greed, 690

when we love though hate at times seems all around us, 689

where hate and fear divide us, and bitter threats are hurled, 142, 683

where there is hate, may we sow love, 693


Much forgiven, may I learn love for hatred to return, 779

replace our hatred, our anger, our fear, 491

that, redeemed from war and hatred, all may come and go in peace., 685

the arsenal of hatred which we nurse --, 766

when hatred and division give way to love and peace, 142, 683


that war may haunt the earth no more and desolation cease., 681


haunted by that life so tender, pard'ning, bleeding, crucified., 557


In haunts of wretchedness and need, on shadowed thresholds dark with fears, 581

Soul, adorn yourself with gladness, leave the gloomy haunts of sadness, 588


safe into the haven guide; O receive my soul at last!, 724


the little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay., 301


Alive in him, my living Head, and clothed in righteousness divine, 773

all glory to our risen Head! Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!, 361

All hail, our church's Elder dear, O Jesus, glorious head!, 399

All the light of sacred story gathers round its head sublime, 76

bow your meek head to mortal pain, then take, O God, your power and reign!, 343

Church, go forth o'er the earth; Christ, your head, has hallowed you, 631

cover my defenseless head with the shadow of thy wing., 724

Foll'wing our exalted Head; Alleluia!, 359

He the Head, we are his members; we reflect the light he is, 401

Here in the name of Christ our Lord, the church's Head by all adored, 169, 174

if he, my head and master, defend me from above, 769

King of all, he could not find a place to rest his head, 336

lay down, O weary one, lay down your head upon my breast.", 606

low lies his head with the beasts of the stall, 317

Members -- on our Head depending, lights -- reflecting him, our Sun, 673

my cup with blessings overflows; your oil anoints my head., 730

my head thou dost with oil anoint, and my cup overflows, 720

O sacred head, now wounded, with grief and shame weighed down, 345

O sacred head, what glory and blessing you have known!, 345

on that royal head he wore a crown of thorns instead., 336

our King victorious, Jesus Christ, our Head., 623

See, from his head, his hands, his feet sorrow and love flow mingled down, 80, 350

shadows with his wings your head, guards from all impending harms, 729

Shall I fear? Or could the Head rise and leave his members dead?, 215

sky the roof and earth the pillow for the Prince of glory's head --, 692

that Christ is king, the risen Lord, our church's Head by all adored., 438

the body rises with the head. Alleluja!, 365

The cov'nant is made with you as my Head., 608

the little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head., 301

The promise is fulfilled in Christ our only Head, 93, 356

the whole creation's Head and Lord, by all in heav'n and earth adored, 279

the whole creation's Head and Lord, by highest seraphim adored, 278

the word and the feast and the friendship, (his head and his hands and his heart!), 656

They crown your head with thorns, they smite, they scourge you, 351

To him shall endless prayer be made and praises throng to crown his head, 404

to serve the world for which he bled and claim him as our only Head., 225

To you our vows with sweet accord, head of your church, we pay, 677

We bid you welcome in the name of Jesus, our exalted Head., 432

we to you, our Head and King, joyful hallelujahs sing., 400

Where should the dying members rest, but with the dying Head?, 87

who in closest union living with our Savior, Head, and Lord, 717

With your presence, Lord, our Head and Savior, bless us all, we humbly pray, 447

you, our Head, who, throned in glory, for your own will ever plead, 648

you we gladly own in ev'ry nation, Head and Master of your congregation, 400


Lift up your heads to the coming King., 109

Lift up your heads, you mighty gates, 51

Lift your heads, eternal gates! Alleluia!, 371


and nourish lambs, and feed the sheep, the wounded heal, the lost bring in., 432

Christ, heal the scars, and draw us all together in him whose will is peace and joy and rest., 671

fill us with your love and pity, heal our wrongs, and help our need., 648

gentle our hurts and still our cries; comfort, heal, bless, make us wise., 497

God sent his Son, they called him Jesus, he came to love, heal, and forgive, 706

he will then receive us, heal us, and forgive us., 270, 273

Heal division; love renew; help us all to turn to you., 521

heal my wounded, broken spirit, save me by thy grace., 772

Hungry, thirsty -- we will feed them; greet the stranger; care and heal, 624

in love and mercy guide us, and heal our strife-torn world., 142, 683

Lord, we cry to you for help. Only you can heal our pain., 760

Lord, you give the great commission: "Heal the sick and preach the word.", 617

Now heal our anger, hurt and pain; now make the wounded whole., 674

O Master, from the mountain side make haste to heal these hearts of pain, 581

raise the fallen, cheer the faint, heal the sick and lead the blind., 724

sinsick and sorrow-worn, whom Christ does heal., 640

the sick to heal, the lost to seek, to raise up them that fall, 348

there is a balm in Gilead to heal the sin-sick soul., 500

Turn from wickedness and evil; God will pardon, cleanse, and heal., 780

us in soul and body heal and sanctify., 770

Your hands, O Lord, in days of old were strong to heal and save, 736


As you, Lord, in deep compassion healed the sick and freed the soul, 688

Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, evermore his praises sing., 529

that healed and healing we may prove the channels of your grace., 338

when we're healed by the right hand of God., 690

who knew their frames, that they were dust, with pity healed their weakness., 396


O be our mighty healer still, O Lord of life and death, 736

teacher, healer, suff'ring servant, friend of sinners, foe of pride:, 642

the Healer feigned no callous mask, 338


but saving, healing, here and now, and touching ev'ry place and time., 362

Christ revealing, wondrous healing to this world's despairing plight., 627

for strength and healing love, O Lord, we plead., 711

For the healing of the nations, Lord, we pray with one accord, 685

for to them his grace revealing, he turns sorrow into healing., 667

healing broken bodies, minds, and souls., 690

healing pain and sickness, blessing children small, 578

healing, teaching, and reclaiming, serving you by loving all., 652

healing, teaching, seeking, reaching; you loved us on earth., 542

Just as I am, poor, wretched, blind; sight, riches, healing of the mind, 762

let peace, descending like a dove, make known on earth your healing love., 385

let the healing streams abound, 724

Light and life to all he brings, ris'n with healing in his wings., 295

O most wholesome balm of healing, all our debt to sins repealing, 419

on hands that work and eyes that see, your healing wisdom pour, 736

Open now the crystal fountain where the healing waters flow, 790

Savior, you came to give those who in darkness live healing and sight, 380

stretch forth your hand of healing now, 628

that all whose lives are touched by mine, may know your healing touch divine., 686

that healed and healing we may prove the channels of your grace., 338

The right hand of God is healing in our land, 690

the tree of life and healing has leaves of richest green., 814

to restore the hope of healing, give us grace and make us still., 398

when, his love to me revealing he, the Sun of grace, with healing, 594

When we suffer, God sends healing; when we sin, the Lord forgives, 534

where the healing waters flow: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

With healing balm my soul he fills, and evíry faithless murmur stills, 15

With the healing of division, with the ceaseless voice of prayer, 498


God forgives all your transgressions, all diseases gently heals, 458

Good news! Our Christ has come! He heals the sad of heart., 630

he heals all our infirmities and ransoms us from death., 546

He heals our souls and gives us sight and puts no ill before us., 718

It gently heals the broken heart and heav'nly riches does impart, 509

It soothes our sorrows, heals our wounds, and drives away our fears., 487

The music that restores and heals the Source of harmony reveals --, 541


all at peace in health and freedom, races joined, the church made one., 652

and some may bring their greatness, and some their strength and health:, 658

And then your touch brought life and health, gave speech, and strength, and sight, 736

and youth renewed and health restored, claimed you, the Lord of light:, 736

be our help, joy and salvation; life and health to us dispense., 716

health in God's garden, hope in God's children, 655

health to the sick in mind, sight to the inward blind:, 380

hope and health, good will and comfort, counsel, aid, and peace we give, 688

its bounty, fertility, kindness, its beauty, its reason, its health, 656

O my soul, praise him, for he is your health and salvation!, 18, 530

People with sickness are praying for health, come, come, come Jesus Christ, 266

Stretch forth your hand, our health restore, and make us rise to fall no more, 267

the seedtime and the harvest, our life, our health, our food, 162, 453

'tis music in the sinner's ears, 'tis life, and health, and peace., 548