All glory to the Son, who comes to set us free, 185

anchored in faith, but free to do what God commands:, 698

and free us from all ills in this world and the next., 533

and on this cross you died for us to set your people free, 374

And when from death I'm free, I'll sing God's love for me, 328

Awake, my soul, and sing of him who set us free, 405

break nature's bonds, and let me see, he whom you free indeed is free., 721

bringing forth the human story life and love that's true and free., 637

By you preserved, from sin set free, to you ourselves we give, 39

clothe the naked, free the pris'ner; serve with gladness and with zeal., 624

Come, O long-expected Jesus, born to set your people free, 262

Come, you thirsty, come and welcome, God's free bounty glorify, 765

even death by crucifixion: our atonement full and free., 334

fear and failure, doubt, denying, full and free forgiveness find., 211

feed us; set us free from evil; lead us in your light primeval., 419

for to them, set free from judgment, shall be opened heaven's door., 595

free reconciliation and hope amid despair., 620

From death to life eternal, from sin to be set free, 90

From ev'ry idol I have known now set my spirit free, 747

from guilt and judgment: by decree, praise God, I am already free!, 776

from selfish passions set me free and make me pure within., 764

From sinís powír, Lord, set us free, newborn souls in you to be. Alleluia, 216

From sorrow, toil, and pain, and sin we shall be free, 680

From the fears that long have bound us, free our hearts to faith and praise., 751

from the pain of earlier living; set us free and grant us peace., 398

gather all your people in, free from sorrow, free from sin, 450

God's Spirit moves to free the slave and fill the empty with good things., 630

God's word alive and active is offered free to all, 503

God's word of truth and justice sets weary captives free, 503

Grace invited, faith united, fellowship of love set free., 557

Great God, in Christ you set us free your life to live, your joy to share., 579

He comes to break oppression, to set the captive free, 49, 263

He left his Father's throne above -- so free, so infinite his grace --, 773

He sent the Savior, the blessed Redeemer; he sent the Savior to set me free., 775

He sets the pris'ners free and helps the blind to see., 630

He wants for all a life that's free of want and pain., 630

Highly favored church of Jesus, he chose you through mercy free, 528

His grace subdues the pow'r of sin; he sets the pris'ner free, 548

I come with joy to meet my Lord, forgiven, loved and free, 222, 415

I from pain and sorrow free in your presence safe shall be., 808

I know not how that Calvary's cross a world from sin could free, 704

In the cross of Christ I glory, there for all was grace made free., 332

increase our faith and light our minds; and set us free from doubt that blinds., 561

It's God alone whose saving way has set believers free., 364

Jesus, let me always be in your service glad and free, 42

let us see your great salvation perfectly restored and free., 474

life itself, creative, free: we believe in God., 387

Lord, awake us to the vision of a world redeemed and free!, 619

Lord, by your wounds on Calvary from death's dread sting your servants free, 361

Lord, I did not freely choose you till by grace you set me free, 612

Make me a captive, Lord, and then I shall be free, 604

May ev'ry heart receive his loving spirit and know the truth that makes life truly free, 671

Moving far from all we know, when we long to journey free --, 793

My hope I cannot measure, my path to life is free, 732

Now forgiven and forgiving, make us free to dare and dream., 132

O bear me safe above, redeemed and free!, 705

Our forbears lived by faith, set free from self and sin, 698

People in trouble would like to be free, come, come, come Jesus Christ, 266

Quick'ning, strength'ning, and absolving, setting captive sinners free, 95, 495

Rest from your labor, rest, soul of the just, set free, 811

Restore unto me the joy of salvation; anoint me with your Spirit free, 79

safe from known or secret foes, free from sin and Satan's hold, 729

sets us free, is now our Spirit-Friend., 493

Sleep thy last sleep, free from care and sorrow, 805

So brothers, sisters, praise his name who died to set us free, 781

so may we with holy joy, pure and free from sinís alloy, 190

So shall his love give us above, from misery and death set free, 368

takes on himself the servantís form, to set his people free., 185

The turning autumn leaves, the fruit so full and free, 466

The whole creation longs for the day when we're set free, 503

The word of God, which ne'er shall cease, proclaims free pardon, grace, and peace, 509

The world abounds with God's free grace; what wonders bless the land!, 451

the world from sin's dominion most wondrously set free., 774

There face to face and full and free, the everliving God we see, our God, the Lord of hosts! 810

to help to set the captive free, make plowshare out of sword, 696

To reconcile and set us free from endless woe and misery., 73

To set us free forever, he is ris'n and sends to all earth's ends, 368

We have received Christ Jesus, the Lord who sets us free, 434

What mercy this, immense and free, for, O my God, it found out me!, 773

When you took our flesh to set us free, you humbly chose the virginís womb., 234

who did agree a man to be and by your blood set sinners free?, 279

who in Jesus Christ abiding, and from self-dependence free, 717

who set us free from sins that would enslave us, 830

Worthy is Christ, the Lamb who was slain, whose blood set us free to be people of God., 238

you have mercy to relieve us, grace to cleanse and pow'r to free., 731

your only weapon was your word, for truth alone could set us free., 583


and find the Life, the Way, the Truth, revealed in Jesus, freed for all., 362

As you, Lord, in deep compassion healed the sick and freed the soul, 688

from fear and doubting may our minds be freed., 711

Let inward love guide ev'ry deed; by this we worship, and are freed., 590

My chains fell off, your voice I knew; was freed, I rose, and followed you., 773

our hearts be freed from things beneath., 204

They who Jesus' mercy know are from wrath and envy freed, 416

to walk your diff'rent walk, from fears and hungers freed, 418

you are freed: all you need I will surely give you.", 289

your new journey now begins, freed from earth's besetting sins., 809


all at peace in health and freedom, races joined, the church made one., 652

All praise to you, eternal Son, whose advent has our freedom won, 192, 267

as freedom after bondage, as sunrise to the day, 599

bore the cross to save us, hope and freedom gave us., 186, 270, 273

Freedom, wealth, regard and beauty come to nothing good unless --, 715

Grant us your truth, your freedom give, that hearts for you might solely live, 464

His rule is peace and freedom and justice, truth, and love., 344

his word of light, forgiveness, freedom, grace:, 629

Lead us, Father, into freedom, from despair your world release, 685

Life of freedom, gladness, truth, all our guilt and fear transcending, 363

still the captives long for freedom; still in grief we mourn our dead., 688

that your servants, Lord, in freedom may your mercy know and live., 688

that, likewise in God's service, we may perfect freedom find., 321

The right hand of God is planting in our land, planting seeds of freedom, hope, and love., 690

This word of hope and freedom speaks deeply to the soul, 503


broken, blessed, and freely served, richly givín though undeserved., 227

Eat and rest at this great feast, then to serve him freely go, 206

freely as Son of man to serve and give your life for all., 321

freely have your gifts been granted; freely may your servants give., 41, 648

I heard the voice of Jesus say, "Behold, I freely give, 606

It cannot freely move till you have wrought its chain, 604

life eternal, gift unpriced, freely ours in Jesus Christ!, 363

Lord, I did not freely choose you till by grace you set me free, 612

O let it freely burn, till worldly passions turn, 492

The holy, spotless Lamb of God, who freely gave his life and blood, 201

Thou of life the fountain art, freely let me take of thee, 724

Yet we hoard as private treasure all that you so freely give, 617


For the sake of Jesus, who from sin now frees us, grant us, Lord, your mercy., 303

he frees the prisoners of doom, rekindles hope and scatters gloom. Alleluja!, 365


One in spirit, one in life, one amid earth's frequent strife, 126, 525


and all find fresh hope and purpose in Christ Jesus crucified., 526

give to those who lead your people fresh anointing of your grace, 642

In pastures fresh he makes me feed, beside the living stream., 730

pure and fresh and sinless in your holy eyes., 567

Streaming forth in fresh supplies, my soul the Spirit feels, 729

The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart, a fountain ever springing!, 701

Water has touched us, fresh on our foreheads, 408


freshen my lips with wine, my soul with bread, 755


laughter and quick-dried tears, freshness and energy:, 800

The cup of water giv'n for you still holds the freshness of your grace, 581


tell me your secret; help me bear the strain of toil, the fret of care., 735


Through all our fretful claims of sex and race, 459


A servant leader, truthful friend, we gladly will receive, 431

and at last to us did send Christ, the sinner's help and friend., 261

and live in communion with Jesus our Friend?, 675

and nothing can impede me, O blessed Friend!, 791

and your dearest human friend: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

be now and ever near me, my master and my friend., 172, 603

Be still, my soul: your best, your heav'nly friend, 757

But O my friend, my friend indeed, who at my need his life did spend., 482

came forth his friend, from death unthralled, to show God's power to save., 338

Can we find a friend so faithful who will all our sorrows share?, 743

Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend and stranger., 237

"Do this," he said, "till time shall end, remembering your dying friend, 355

for some the comfort of a friend or loving God to meet., 481

Friend and lover, in your closeness I am known and held and blessed:, 669

God, teach us peacemaking unto the end -- parent or child, or as stranger or friend --, 687

he brings our sorrows to an end. Now gladly praise our king and friend, 272

I give you thanks unfeigned, O Jesus, friend in need, 89

in ev'ry street, in ev'ry home, in ev'ry troubled friend., 736

In you all the needy have a friend most dear, 746

Intercessor, Friend of sinners, earth's Redeemer, hear our plea, 373

Into your hands, eternal Friend, we give ourselves again, 570

Jesus, priceless treasure, source of purest pleasure, friend to me so true, 722

Jesus, source of lasting pleasure, truest friend, and dearest treasure, 588

my loving friend, as thus you call me., 613

O give me grace to follow, my master and my friend., 603

O Jesus, Shepherd, Guardian, Friend, our Prophet, Priest, and King, 487

O tender heav'nly friend, to you our prayers ascend, 563

of parent and partner and roommate and friend., 678

So by faith, our sins forgiven, Christ our Savior, Lord and Friend, 699

strengthen your righteousness, Savior and Friend!, 555

teacher, healer, suff'ring servant, friend of sinners, foe of pride:, 642

the poor, the lonely know you as friend. Stir us to action, O holy wind, 499

This is my friend, in whose sweet praise I all my days could gladly spend., 482

unto that Friend who loved us, and loosed us from our sins by his own blood, 252

What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!, 743

What language shall I borrow to thank you, dearest friend, 75, 345

when I kneel in prayer and with thee, my God, I commune as friend with friend., 607

whose love no passing years can dim, our changeless friend., 425

with so blessed a friend provided, we upon our way would go, 310

your mercies, how tender, how firm to the end, our maker, defender, redeemer, and friend., 566


against the Son, our God's delight, and friends betrayed him to his foes., 355

as his faithful friends he greets us, partners of his work and will., 211

Blessed be the day when I must roam far from my country, friends, and home, 794

Called by Christ as friends and learners, called by Christ for peace on earth, 627

cursed by strangers and condemned, abandoned by his friends, 336

Do your friends despise, forsake you? Take it to the Lord in prayer!, 743

for friends in a world where many walk alone, 829

Friends have forsaken; you have stood fast, 796

friends on earth, and friends above, pleasures pure and undefiled, 538

Good Christian friends, rejoice,with heart, and soul, and voice, 60, 291

He has made known his great salvation which all his friends with joy confess, 545

he left his friends, that all may be befriended:, 830

Kneel at the feet of our friends, silently washing their feet, 577

Kneels at the feet of his friends, silently washes their feet, 577

Shalom, my friends, shalom my friends, shalom, shalom., 676

Share peace, dear friends, share peace, dear friends, God's peace, God's peace., 676

Sing praise and hallelujah! For present friends and past, 435

Sons and daughters must depart, friends will go on other journeys, 793

The love that made us makes us one, and strangers now are friends., 222, 415

Then take the towel, and break the bread, and humble us, and call us friends., 579


and perfect love and friendship reign through all eternity., 680

And thus with joy we meet our Lord. His presence always near, is in such friendship better known, 415

much I offended, yet you extended friendship divine!, 796

the word and the feast and the friendship, (his head and his hands and his heart!), 656

When the dark lord of loneliness prevails, and, all defeated, joy and friendship die, 755


what knitting severed friendships up, where partings are no more!, 17, 394


O shepherds, shudder not with fright, but hear the angel's warning., 287


before whose face clouds never frown, is God, the Lord of hosts!, 810


All the world is God's own field, fruit unto his praise to yield, 450

and rich fruit, blessed for the Master's use, to produce, to produce., 528

As grows the hidden seed to fruit that serves our need, your kingdom grows., 653

For the fruit of all creation, thanks be to God., 449

lead us to work that bears your fruit, giving knowledge of your truth., 536

of ev'ry flow'r, of ev'ry fruit, that God is love., 598

The turning autumn leaves, the fruit so full and free, 466

where soil receives, the earth conceives the blade, the stem, the fruit, the leaves., 501


be to serve his name excited, be to him a fruitful tree., 515

but the fruitful ears to store in his garner evermore., 450

fruitful for this life and fruitful for your kingdom, which they share., 428

He shall come down like showers upon the fruitful earth, 263


grant, O grant our hope's fruition: here on earth your will be done., 648


As saints of old their first fruits brought of vineyard, flock and field, 650

May the fruits of your salvation in our hearts and lives abound., 36, 145, 559

O now be extended the fruits of this service to all who believe., 194

so we today our first fruits bring, the wealth of this good land, 650

the ripe fruits in the garden -- God made them, ev'ry one., 467

these the fruits for which we hunger as your gifts for all unfold., 496

with these fruits of time and labor, with these gifts that are your own:, 819

You we praise with endless worship for your fruits and gifts unpriced, 95, 495


and in each family, your will and purpose to fulfill., 677

By the Spirit we are gifted to fulfill Christ's ministry., 624

Father in heav'n, fulfill your word; grant us the Spirit of our Lord, 519

Fulfill our hope; revive our love; O Lord, make all things new., 674

How shall our life fulfill God's law so hard and high?, 695

I need thee evíry hour; teach me thy will, and thy rich promises in me fulfill., 740

Let us seek the courage needed, our high calling to fulfill, 635

Lord of all good, our gifts we bring to you; use them your holy purpose to fulfill., 158

O Lord, in me fulfill whatever is your will, 737

O may I never do my will, but yours, and only yours, fulfill, 733

O teach us all your perfect will to understand and to fulfill:, 734

of your love, all love excelling; there fulfill your blessed intent., 716

royal priests, fulfill your calling through your sacrifice and prayer, 526

Strengthen hand and heart and nerve, all your bidding to fulfill, 42

Take my motives and my will, all your purpose to fulfill., 647

The task your wisdom has assigned here let me cheerfully fulfill, 638

Thirst for us in mercy still; all your holy work fulfill, 352

This holy task, O Lord, your church must quite fulfill, 633

though weak, we as your servants, Lord, may still fulfill your word., 399

To serve the present age, my calling to fulfill, 645

wise to know th'eternal purpose which their Father shall fulfill., 595


ancient prophets had foretold him, God has now fulfilled his word., 314

that, fulfilled in his dear Son, prompts our alleluias., 300

The promise is fulfilled in Christ our only Head, 93, 356

till, hope fulfilled, we see you face to face., 711

what they longed for many a year, stands fulfilled in glory here., 261

where wars shall cease in all the world, a waking dream fulfilled., 691


Fulfiller of the past and hope of things to be, 326


O Christians, haste, your mission high fulfilling, 618

whatever you command, my calling here fulfilling, 615

who but want to do his pleasure, just fulfilling his commands, 717


our fulfillment in the sorrow we embrace and make our own., 557


Hosanna to the Lord for he fulfills God's word!, 344


All things you send are full of grace; you crown our lives with favor., 761

even death by crucifixion: our atonement full and free., 334

fear and failure, doubt, denying, full and free forgiveness find., 211

The turning autumn leaves, the fruit so full and free, 466

There face to face and full and free, the everliving God we see, our God, the Lord of hosts!, 810

we may behold you as you are, with full and endless sight., 713


may we find in fuller measure what it is in Christ we share., 564


By baptism, and its soul to bless, out of the fullness of thy grace., 167

Christ is our Master, Lord, and God, the fullness of the Three in One., 479

evermore rejoice to do his pleasure, be the fullness of his grace your treasure, 444

Fill us with your holy fullness, God the Father, Spirit, Son, 98

for nothing there can fade or die; lifeís fullness round is spread, 810

Fullness of the very Godhead,come to make your life our own, 98

Lord, make us strong to live your gospel's fulness, 629

Or the fullness of the sea when it breaks upon the shore:, 164

ready to go, ready your fulness to know, 639

The earth is the Lord's and its fulness, its mystery, splendor and wealth, 656

we in you our refuge take, of your fullness we receive, 86


And to ev'ry heart more fully your atoning powír display., 67


He comes to us in sound of seas, the ocean's fume and foam, 478


where ev'ry battle flag is furled and ev'ry trumpet stilled, 691


My table thou has furnished in presence of my foes, 720


and that future years shall see evermore and evermore., 483

Be still, my soul: your God will undertake to guide the future, as in ages past., 757

because I know he holds the future, and life is worth the living just because he lives., 706

From the past will come the future; what it holds, a mystery, 797

future needs in earth's safekeeping, thanks be to God., 449

Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown?, 710

The future lies before us with mission to increase., 435


God of science, histíry, teaching, God of futures yet unknown, 132

future's broad'ning way

in hope that sends a shining ray far down the future's broad'ning way, 735