compared to this are vain and empty chaff., 593


Christ the Lord is ris'n again, Christ has broken ev'ry chain!, 360

It cannot freely move till you have wrought its chain, 604


Blessings abound where'er he reigns, the pris'ners leap to lose their chains, 404

half-free, half-bound by inner chains, by social forces swept along, 579

My chains fell off, your voice I knew; was freed, I rose, and followed you., 773

washed in your blood, we lose our stains, and with your cross you break our chains., 333

washing off the chains of bondage -- channel to a life made new., 767


So come by foot or cane or chair and join with us in song and prayer, 520


and gives us strength to challenge and to win, 459

and help us to accept with joy the challenge of tomorrow’s day., 221

challenge us with quests of spirit, truth revealed in myriad ways, 132

Forth from this sacred place we go with challenge in each soul, 439

Like the murmur of the dove's song, like the challenge of her flight, 498

thanks for this hour, with all its challenge, thanks for God’s power with us always., 535

to meet the challenge of this hour and take a noble part., 524


challenged by the need apparent ev'rywhere, 582

his gifts on those he challenged and empowered., 830

who challenged us, when we were young to storm the citadels of wrong, 803


But now a champion comes to fight, whom God himself elected., 788


Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past, 757

Change and decay in all around I see., 807

in ev'ry change God faithful will remain., 757

In heav'nly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear, 732

Lord of all, of church and kingdom, in an age of change and doubt, 564

The church of Christ, in ev'ry age beset by change, but Spirit-led, 694

where doubt sees only change, faith finds an open door:, 698


Changed from glory into glory, till in heav'n we take our place, 218, 474

it changed their lives, these simple men – they’d never be the same., 611

Let us show how he has changed us, and remade us as his own, 635

Until the body changed attains blest immortality., 180


for those who trust God's changeless love build on the rock that will not move., 712

pure, warm and changeless be, a living fire!, 705

whose love no passing years can dim, our changeless friend., 425


and safe is such confiding, for nothing changes here., 732

changes the world and us and brings us home at last:, 210

O Lord who changes not, abide with me., 807


thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not, 460


Greet now the swiftly changing year with joy and penitence sincere., 308

in all life's changing, where you are leading, 514

manifest in pow’r divine, changing water into wine, 313


washing off the chains of bondage -- channel to a life made new., 767


that healed and healing we may prove the channels of your grace., 338


help us sing our Savior's merits, help to chant Immanuel's praise., 330

hymn and chant and high thanksgiving and the shout of jubilee:, 483

We bend before your throne and humbly chant your praise, 633


chanting bird and flowing fountain, praising you eternally!, 544


God, whose almighty word chaos and darkness heard, 380

O Holy Spirit, who did brood upon the chaos dark and rude, 725

Out of dark chaos, broke forth the light., 408

the word he spoke through chaos broke, the worlds in order sprang., 504


A charge to keep I have, a God to glorify, 645

give his angels charge at last in the fire the weeds to cast, 450


Come as a teacher, sent from God, charged his whole counsel to declare, 432


His chariots of wrath the deep thunderclouds form, 566


among ourselves at unity and with all else in charity., 519

may God bless us as we show charity in all we do., 397

O perfect Life, be now their full assurance of tender charity and steadfast faith, 427

to serve each other in your name in truth and charity., 417

Where charity and love prevail, there God is ever found, 785

With grateful joy and holy fear, God's charity we learn, 785


all the vain things that charm me most, I sacrifice them to his blood., 350

searching ev'ry small expression, sav'ring moments filled with charm, 659


in the arms of my dear Savior, O there are ten thousand charms., 765

The name of Jesus charms our fears, and bids our sorrows cease --, 548


It is the chart and compass that all life’s voyage through, 23, 505


her charter of salvation: one Lord, one faith, one birth, 511


O light of light, explore and chase our gloom away, 376


Stony the road we trod, bitter the chast'ning rod, 707


Check ev'ry wand'ring thought, and let us all be taught, 563

to check the rising doubt, the rebel sigh, 490


all the needy to revive and cheer, stream forth here, stream forth here., 528

as your radiance through me pours all my homeward way to cheer., 614

cheer our souls, our hope renew: hear us, holy Jesus., 352

cheer the nations near and far., 281

for us he sent his Spirit here to guide, to strengthen, and to cheer., 485

I see his hand of mercy, I hear his voice of cheer, 792

Let your mercy warn and cheer us!, 188

Lord, be near us here our sad lives to cheer, 542

raise the fallen, cheer the faint, heal the sick and lead the blind., 724

receive us in your mercy, and cheer us with your word, 13

Save us in our soul's distress; be our help to cheer and bless, 352

Shepherds, why this jubilee? Why these songs of happy cheer?, 288

Sing to our God a song of cheer in thanks that all may enter here., 520

thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide, 460

Those who Christ alone desiring, those whom nothing else can cheer, 717

Though no Father seem to hear, though no light our spirits cheer, 352

Which only the believer feels, direct, and keep, and cheer our hearts, 33

with ever joyful hearts and blessed peace to cheer us, 533

with your gracious presence cheer us, 556


All people that on earth do dwell, sing to the Lord with cheerful voice, 539

Come, let us join our cheerful songs with angels round the throne., 477

death now no more I dread, but cheerful close my eyes, 356

in cheerful sounds all voices raise, and fill the world with loudest praise., 551

Only be still and wait his pleasure in cheerful hope with heart content., 712

Sing hallelujah, praise the Lord! Sing with a cheerful voice, 94, 114, 543


and cheerfully stand, prepared to comply with your ev'ry command., 608

The task your wisdom has assigned here let me cheerfully fulfill, 638

Then should we be ever ready cheerfully to testify, 589


O turn to me your cheering face, 721

Morning Star, O cheering sight! Ere thou cam’st, how dark earth’s night!, 281

Morning Star, your cheering light can dispel the gloom of night., 323


and although the way be cheerless, we will follow calm and fearless, 799

be strong and be not cheerless, and may your saints be fearless, 631

Dark and cheerless is the morn unaccompanied by you, 475

help me to bear the cross when life is bleak and cheerless, 615


he, to us in love inclining, cheers our souls with pard'ning grace., 298

When the Lord appears, this my spirit cheers, 594


to know your will and keep from sin, your word I cherish in my heart., 510

When simplicity we cherish, then the soul is full of light, 717


The Lord bless and keep you in his favor as his chosen, cherished heir, 446


At his feet the six-winged seraph; cherubim, with sleepless eye, 271

cherubim and seraphim falling down before thee, 381

cherubim and seraphim, in unceasing chorus praising, 386

Now with angels round the throne, cherubim and seraphim, 74

To you all angels, all the powers of heaven, the cherubim and seraphim, sing in endless praise:, 234


He will not always chide; he will with patience wait, 546

Praise him, still the same forever, slow to chide, and swift to bless., 529


God will not be always chiding, nor forever angry be, 534


he is our chief object by day and by night, 675

your word shall be my chief delight, and I will not forget your law., 510


a child so gentle and so rare, who brings you joy without compare., 306

A little child for you this morn has from a chosen maid been born, 307

a little child so tender, sweet, that you should skip upon your feet., 307

and, a child within a stable, came to share the life of earth --, 692

And thee most fervently entreat thyself this child to consecrate, 167

Born your people to deliver, born a child and yet a king, 262

but greater still the calm assurance, this child can face uncertain days because he lives., 706

Father, now your sinful child through your love is reconciled., 779

for ev'ry child of earth, for ev'ry child of earth., 478

for Mary's child and all his coming gave us, 830

for that Child, so dear and gentle, is our Lord in heav'n above, 292

For the joy of human love, brother, sister, parent, child, 538

Frankincense I bring the child of God's own choosing, 322

God, teach us peacemaking unto the end -- parent or child, or as stranger or friend --, 687

I only know the manger child has brought God's life to me., 704

if I have caused some child of yours to stray, 759

Lo, God, our God, has come; to us a child is born, 185

Mary was that mother mild, Jesus Christ her little child., 292

Most loving Jesus, only child of God, your bloodshed reconciled, 776

no more a stranger or a guest, but like a child at home., 730

Not as of old a little child, to bear and fight and die, 257

O Savior, child of Mary, who felt all human woe, 302

round yon virgin mother and child. Holy infant so tender and mild, 297

The doctors of the law gaze on the wondrous child, 318

The world awaits his presence new, a Child, a Son, a Savior true., 299

This child, now weak in infancy, our confidence and joy shall be, 287

This child of God, though young or old, we welcome now into Christ's fold, 410

Through God's eternal will this child to us was given at midnight calm and still., 302

to the child, the youth, the aged, love in living deeds to show, 688

To us the promised Child is born, to us the Son is giv'n, 320

"To you this day is born a child: born of a maiden mother mild, 306

virgin-born, the child of Mary upon whom the Spirit came., 699

Were they to take our house, goods, honor, child, or spouse, 788

What child is this, who, laid to rest on Mary's lap is sleeping?, 305

with unfailing grasp God holds us, ev'ry child of ev'ry race., 463

Wondrous birth! O wondrous child of the Virgin undefiled!, 265

Yet nations still prey on the meek of the world, and conflict turns parent from child., 682

Child Divine

This will I do, O Child Divine, I'll give you all I hold as mine, 279

We sing to you, O Child Divine; we lift our songs, our candles shine., 299

Welcome to earth, O Child Divine; a gift so rare, a jewel fine, 299

Wondrous Child divine! warm this heart of mine, 285

Child of Bethlehem

O holy Child of Bethlehem, descend to us, we pray, 282


of childhood and youth and adulthood and age., 678

childhood's helplessness

From tender childhood's helplessness, from human grief and burdened toil, 581

childhood's pattern

For he is our childhood's pattern; day by day like us he grew, 292


that I may read with childlike eyes truths that are hidden from the wise., 609

whose trust, ever childlike no cares could destroy:, 802

with childlike trust that fears no pain or death., 427


All children of the living God are surely kin to me., 45, 523

all thought of vengeance or envy or hate. Help us, your children, shalom to create., 687

and he leads his children on to the place where he has gone., 292

As you have sought, so let me seek your erring children lost and lone., 646

as your children we receive you and rejoice., 420

Bless all the dear children in your tender care, 301

Bless all those who nurture children, sharing knowledge, showing love, 665

bless the youth, the rising generation; blessed may your dear children be, 445

Blessed Jesus, blessed Jesus, hear your children when we pray., 731

Break down the wall that would divide your children, Lord, on ev'ry side., 686

Children of God, let everywhere be heard, 153

Children of the heav'nly Father safely in his bosom gather, 667

Children of the heav'nly King, as you journey, sweetly sing, 789

Embracing God's children of each tribe and race., 136

Fear not, children, joyful stand on the borders of your land, 789

for his sake behold us with compassion, and us all your children own, 444

for Israel's children, walled on each side., 408

Frail children of dust, and feeble as frail, 566

gentle children, bound in duty -- we are blessed with simpleness., 715

God has given, he has taken, but his children ne'er forsaken, 667

God loves his children, loves even me., 775

God shall own them as his children and through them his peace will give., 595

Gracious Savior, gentle Shepherd, children all are dear to you, 660

Grant us and all our children grace in word and deed your name to praise, 677

healing pain and sickness, blessing children small, 578

health in God's garden, hope in God's children, 655

Here our children find a welcome in the shepherd's flock and fold, 564

how do your children say joy how do your children say home, 30, 462

in Christ baptized, beloved, befriended, children of God in peace and love., 315

Light of the world, come near and bless your children here below, 68

Little children, welcome!, 679

may this motto live in all God's children as we strive to follow love's direction, 397

may your grace, all conflict past, bring your children home at last., 692

much more to us, his children, he gives our daily bread., 453

Neither life nor death shall ever from the Lord his children sever, 667

O God, have mercy, to your children giving hope in believing., 812

on women, men, and children who would God's grace receive., 378

Our children, Lord, in faith and prayer, we baptize in your name., 409

solid joys and lasting treasures none but Zion's children know., 522

Still your children wander homeless; still the hungry cry for bread, 688

Such children you did once embrace while dwelling here below, 409

Taught to say your holy praises, which on earth your children sing, 660

tenderly caring for his erring children, 383

that many children may be born to you, 516

the love of Jesus, and his name, God's children all uniting., 396

the Son of God has come God’s children all to bless, 185

There his children gather round, bright like stars, with glory crowned., 292

to feed the hungry children, give drink to those who thirst, 503

to their children's children ever shall God's righteousness extend:, 458

to whom the lips of children made sweet hosannas ring., 342

trust for the children tomorrow will bear., 655

We are your creatures and children of earth., 813

we have no wealth or learning -- what shall we children bring?, 658

with all God's children everywhere his name and sign with pride we bear, 543

You bid us come as children in Christ made new --, 571

You, who did our forebears guide, with their children still abide, 375

young men and women, aging folk and children, praise to the Savior!, 383

Your children now are we, and may we yours remain., 214


asking that the world around us share your children's liberty, 617

by faith the children's place we claim, and give all honor to one name., 700

by his tears and bloody sweat, he earned his children's bread., 336

Cure your children's warring madness, bend our pride to your control, 751

for children's voices singing, for faith and hope that last, 435

to their children's children ever shall God's righteousness extend:, 458

child's eyes

As a mother holds her baby, gazing in her child's eyes, 659


Christ builds his church in ev'ry land; bells still are chiming and calling, 512


For we all have heard his voice, all have made his will our choice., 126, 525

If selfish ease was my indulgent choice, 759

let your will and pleasure be our only choice., 205

Now in the days of youth when life is filled with choice, 801

simply follow your direction, to your will resign our choice., 716

Stand up, and bless the Lord, you people of his choice!, 531

We thank you with uplifted voice, this word of praise our joyful choice:, 541


with the choicest wine of heaven Christ's own blood to us is given., 588


Let all the choir of heav'n rejoice, the new ring in with heart and voice., 307

Of one pearl each shining portal, where, joining with the choir immortal, 258

the choir of the creatures re-echoed it long., 382


All my heart again rejoices, as I hear, far and near, sweetest angel voices, 289

Hark, the glad celestial hymn angel choirs above are raising, 386

let us with angel choirs rejoice and greet his birth with happy voice., 306

O sing, choirs of angels, sing in exultation, 62, 283

Sing, choirs of angels, loud and clear!, 216

The ransomed hosts in earth and heav'n through countless choirs proclaim, 364


Alleluia! Choose disciples. Send your servants ev'rywhere., 637

and for his dwelling and his throne will choose the pure in heart., 584

As you will, I would not choose; only let me hear your call., 42

Lord, I did not freely choose you till by grace you set me free, 612

Take my mind that I may use ev'ry pow'r as you should choose., 647

Then grant us courage, Father God, to choose again the pilgrim way, 221

to choose the way of life, reject the way of death, 801


and chooses from us, for our good, the bringers of good news., 431

Yet he who dwells in heav'n above chooses to live with us in love, 512


Hark! those bursts of acclamation! Hark! those loud triumphant chords!, 406

"Till he come!" O let the words linger on the trembling chords, 413


All ages join the chorus proclaiming joy and peace., 435

and we with all creation in chorus make reply., 342

cherubim and seraphim, in unceasing chorus praising, 386

Let voices in chorus, with trumpet and horn, 547

Mortals join the mighty chorus, which the morning stars began, 544

O blessed heav'nly chorus! Lord, save us by your grace, 511

Who would not with hosts above join in Mary's chorus?, 300

yet, till joined to the celestial chorus, cold would prove our warmest praise, 346


and, in time, rejected by the people whom God chose, 336

doubt not our inmost wants are known to him who chose us for his own., 712

Highly favored church of Jesus, he chose you through mercy free, 528

Lord, you chose to be tormented that our doom should be prevented, 334

You made no mean or cunning move, chose no unworthy compromise, 583


a chosen bride forever, adorned now for our Savior, 631

A chosen one today replies, and fit and ready stands., 431

A little child for you this morn has from a chosen maid been born, 307

As with a mother's tender hand, he leads his own, his chosen band., 15, 537

Chosen and sent by the Father before earth's creation, 639

Church of God, elect and glorious, holy nation, chosen race, 69, 526

despite the perils of our chosen way., 459

for my heart would still refuse you had your love not chosen me., 612

God has chosen you to be the Messiah's mother.", 300

graciously caring for his chosen people, 383

Loving Spirit, loving Spirit, you have chosen me to be --, 669

O seed of Israel's chosen race, now ransomed from the fall, 403

Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless your chosen pilgrim flock, 411

the chosen fam'ly God has blessed now spans the whole wide earth., 781

The law and prophets there have place, two chosen witnesses of grace, 327

The Lord bless and keep you in his favor as his chosen, cherished heir, 446

through darkness and perplexity point out your chosen way., 764

We come with self-inflicted pains of broken trust and chosen wrong, 579

who on his chosen lifted hands in blessing, 626


now through Christendom it rings that the Lamb is King of kings. Alleluia!, 360


acting each a Christian part, one in word and one in heart., 670

Become to us the living bread by which the Christian life is fed, 424

Blessed be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love, 680

by our loving mutually, by our Christian unity., 672

Christian hearts, in love united, seek alone in Jesus rest, 673

day by day his voice is sounding, saying, "Christian, follow me.", 600

forge our Christian worship into Christian deeds., 651

from each idol that would keep us, saying, "Christian, love me more.", 600

Good Christian, fear; for sinners here the silent Word is pleading., 305

Good Christian friends, rejoice,  with heart, and soul, and voice, 60, 291

In the same way Christian teachers model true humanity, 665

on this Christian man and woman who here make their vows of love!, 429

one in heart and one in purpose, one in Christian love to be., 619

Rejoice, rejoice, O Christian, lift up your voice and sing, 792

so the Christian centers wholly in Christ Jesus crucified., 715

still he calls, in cares and pleasures, "Christian, love me more than these.", 600

that the world we banish is our Christian care., 651

that we may love each other well in Christian gentleness., 785

We gather still in Christian love, and celebrate with song, 395

With Christian love and purpose true, this church in faith embraces you., 169, 174


Alleluia! Christians faithful, let our tributes overflow., 637

and as the ancient Christians fed, we, too, now share this lovefeast bread., 438

and claim with Christians far and near a larger family held dear., 410

And you, good Christians, one and all who'd follow Jesus' way, 611

Christ is alive! Let Christians sing. The cross stands empty to the sky., 362

Christians, dismiss your fear; let hope and joy succeed, 93, 356

Come, Christians, follow where our Savior led, 623

Faithful Christians, one and all, join in jubilation, 300

I come with Christians far and near to find, as all are fed, 230, 415

May Christians all with one accord, 424

Name him, Christians, name him -- strong your love as death --, 480

O Christians, haste, your mission high fulfilling, 618

So help us, Christ, as now we join with Christians ev'rywhere, 481

teach us, dying Savior, how true Christians live., 651

to love and touch and lay the hand, and walk as Christians in this land., 440

When Christians shared agape meals, O Lord, your Spirit came, 395


Prayer is the Christian's vital breath, the Christian's native air, 749


So let the world know, as we join in Christingle, 304


a world redeemed by Christlike love, 650

There absorbing Christlike going, taught by your humility., 684

to teach the way of life and peace -- it is a Christlike thing., 657


all Christly souls are one in him throughout the whole wide earth., 523


On this joyous Christmas morn, alleluia!, 303

We hear the Christmas angels the great glad tidings tell, 282